Five Pieces of Home Gym Equipment Everyone Should Own

August 2021
Fitness Sport Leader of DECATHLON in TKO Spot recommend five must-have pieces of fitness equipment suitable for different family members to work out at home.

Working out at home has become extremely popular of late. However, since most Hong Kong apartments are small, some people find it hard to find suitable home gym equipment. To help at-home fitness aficionados find what they need, we asked Dean Sajid, Fitness Sport Leader of DECATHLON in TKO Spot, to recommend five must-have pieces of home gym equipment for Channel 823 readers – all of which are small, easy to use and suitable for different family members.

 (1) Wrist and Ankle Weights

Available in two weight ranges (from 250 g to 1 kg and 500 g to 2 kg), wearable wrist and ankle weights are suitable for people of all ages and with different needs. By adjusting the weights, users can reach their training goals step by step by using them in a wide range of exercises such as Pilates, muscle strengthening and active walking. As a bonus, the weights are machine washable too.

Wrist and ankle weights
Wrist and ankle weights
Wrist and ankle weights
Wrist and ankle weights

(2) Cross-Training Elastic Training Band

Despite its modest looks, the elastic training band has multiple functions and can be used for weight training, cross-training and physical preparation sessions. Its elasticity not only helps with muscle strengthening, but also with flexibility through stretching. Available in various colours, the elastic band allows you to intensify your training step by step, as each colour represents a certain degree of elasticity. What’s more, this lightweight, durable product fits easily anywhere at home.

When using the elastic training band, remember to relax it gradually after finishing each set to avoid injury.

Elastic training band
Elastic training band

(3) Versatile Cross-Training Push-up Wheel Grips

Looking for a small but versatile piece of equipment that can meet every family member’s needs? Get a set of push-up wheel grips!

With three switchable components, push-up wheel grips offer a variety of exercises for your bodyweight strength training workouts. They can be adjusted according to your size and support up to 130 kg.

Versatile cross-training push-up wheel grips
Versatile cross-training push-up wheel grips
Versatile cross-training push-up wheel grips
Versatile cross-training push-up wheel grips

(4) Stepper

Easy and intuitive to use, the stepper allows you to have a thorough workout, as both your muscular and cardiovascular systems are used simultaneously. It helps boost your cardio fitness and strengthen your lower body muscles such as thighs, glutes and calves. Give it a try following these three simple steps below!

  1. Kick off your workout with a three- to five-minute warm-up.
  2. Spend around 20 to 30 minutes working your muscles.
  3. Cool down gradually and then do a few stretches to increase your muscle flexibility to avoid injury.

(5) Folding Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Mat

The fitness mat is fundamental to all your strength training workouts. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, it can be used with or without shoes and for all movements, and acts as a knee and elbow pad. In addition, the mat is foldable and lays perfectly flat when in use.

Folding indoor and outdoor fitness mat
Folding indoor and outdoor fitness mat

Other Tips

  • If you are working out on your own, check your posture and movements regularly in front of the mirror to ensure that they are correct.
  • Be sure about which body parts you would like to train during each exercise. If there is pain or fatigue in other body parts, it may mean that your posture and movements are wrong.
  • Do not push yourself too much at one time. Consistency is more important during training sessions.
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean your equipment after each use to keep it hygiene and durable. 

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