09 May 2014

“Sunday Summer Jam” returns to Stanley Plaza

This June, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) will present for the third year the widely acclaimed “Sunday Summer Jam” at Stanley Plaza, which will fill the waterfront Amphitheatre at Stanley Plaza with exciting and energetic music. Incorporating Flip Flop Free Style popular in Europe and the US, this year's “Sunday Summer Jam” will brim with relaxing and youthful energy. Over the course of five consecutive Sundays and a public holiday (Tuen Ng Festival) in June, “Sunday Summer Jam” will offer visitors and music fans a series of enjoyable free live music performances featuring local and international artists at Stanley Plaza Amphitheatre.
Two-day “Flip Flop Fest” to open the event with an unmistakable rock ‘n’ roll groove
This year’s “Sunday Summer Jam” will open with the “Flip Flop Fest” from 1 June (Sunday) to 2 June (Monday). Ten local bands, namely Chochukmo, Supper Moment, Kolor, Yellow, ToNick, The Sleeves, Match Box, Sensi Lion, SoHuman and Azucar Latina, will kick-start the month-long “Sunday Summer Jam” with energy as hot as the summer.
Redeem “Sunday Summer Jam” special edition flip-flops to commemorate the event
On event days starting from 1 June, present same-day machine-printed receipt of any purchase at Stanley Plaza, or a Facebook status update with location check-in and a photo of themselves wearing flip-flops, customers can redeem a pair of “Sunday Summer Jam” special edition flip-flops. This offer is valid while stocks last, so customers shouldn’t miss their chance to celebrate summer in style!
“Sunday Summer Jam” will offer amazing performances every Sunday for the remainder of June 2014. On 8 June, acoustic gigs at “Stanley Plaza Unplugged” to be performed by local musicians will delight audiences with beautiful music and heartfelt songs. On 15 June, local underground bands, emerging stars and award-winning musicians will narrate their musical journeys with passionate and vibrant rhythms at “Stanley Plaza Rocks”.
Fête de la Musique – the Music Day to carry on the creative spirit of Le French May
One of this year’s Le French May events, “Fête de la Musique – the Music Day”, will take place on 22 June at Stanley Plaza’s relaxing waterfront Amphitheatre, where talented musicians from France will perform soothing and moving melodies from their home country, well known for its romantic atmosphere.
At the grand finale of this year’s “Sunday Summer Jam”, “Stanley Plaza Show Up” will once again transform Stanley Plaza into a platform for music lovers, where promising local musicians will take the stage to showcase their unrecognised talents, with Stanley Plaza’s unique ambience as the backdrop. Want the chance to show off your musical talents? Please contact Miss Man by 13 Jun via email (recruitment.sp.showup2014@gmail.com).
For more event details, please refer to the enclosed factsheet or visit www.stanleyplaza.com / www.thelink.com.hk.
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