20 Jul 2021

T.O.P Summer Special: “Get a Life”
Office Downtime Captured in Illustrations

  • Venture into local illustrator DDED’s playful world of office slacking, headlined by the “Happy Toilet Hour” zone on 5/F
  • Limited-edition office goodies such as the “Office Slacker Pass” and the “Work! Work! Work! Enter Key” are up for grabs
  • “Blue Monday & Happy Friday Teatime Flash Offers” serve up free drinks and desserts

Hong Kong has topped the global charts as the city with the longest working hours (ugh, again). As a go-to entertainment spot in Mong Kok, T.O.P This is Our Place is doing its part to cheer up Hong Kong’s hard-working wage earners with the “Get a Life” campaign, helping shake off the office blues with a fun-drenched summer!

Slack off with DD Boy, a character created by local illustrator DDED, and put a hilarious spin on the bleak 9-to-6 office routine. In addition to providing themed selfie spots, the campaign will go online with rewarding games, namely “The Boss is Always Right” and “Office Maze”, plus a line-up of office goodies available during the campaign period for customers spending designated amounts.

There will be weekend bazaars filled with fun activities, including a fortune-telling stall to raise one’s luck at the workplace, as well as a treasure hunt for office essentials such as stationery, snacks and other productivity boosters.

Take a break at the Outdoor “Happy Toilet Hour” Zone

Local illustrator DDED has gained a cult following among young people with his humorous, caricatured online stories. From 20 July onwards, his popular character DD Boy will go offline and fill T.O.P with amusing anecdotes on office downtime. The outdoor garden on 5/F will be transformed into the “Happy Toilet Hour” zone, with the office restroom reimagined as the go-to get-together spot at work. “Office Rhapsody” on 1/F and the “Selfie Wall for Salarymen” on 4/F also offer a glimpse into DD Boy’s fictional world, with speech bubbles that allow you to truly speak your mind.

Blue Monday & Happy Friday Teatime Flash Offers

From 20 July to 23 August, the “Blue Monday & Happy Friday Teatime Flash Offers” will give away complimentary drinks and sweet treats to customers who have liked or followed T.O.P on Facebook or Instagram and have recorded same-day spending of $100 or above via electronic payment methods. Gifts are subject to a limited quota while stock lasts.


Drinks and desserts

20 – 26 July 2021

BLACK & WHITE®️ Classic Milk Tea can x 1 (100 cans per weekday, 250 cans per day during weekends, 1,000 cans in total)

30 July and 2 August 2021

enjoy Appolo Double Ice-cream Scoops coupon x 1 (100 pcs per day, 200 pcs in total)

6 and 9 August 2021

Kingsley Cafe and Meal – Original Cremia Ice-cream redemption coupon x 1 (100 pcs per day, 200 pcs in total)

13 and 16 August 2021

Tigersugar Black Sugar Boba Milk & Cream Mousse redemption coupon x 1 (100 pcs per day, 200 pcs in total)

20 and 23 August 2021

No Money So Lonely Oolong Tea with Passion Fruits and Lime Soda redemption coupon x 1 (100 pcs per day, 200 pcs in total)

As an added bonus, mall-goers who work in Yau Tsim Mong district will receive an exclusive T.O.P offer booklet featuring more than 40 dining and shopping vouchers upon presenting a valid staff ID card or related proof of identity.

Exclusive Office Goodies up for Grabs

During the campaign, T.O.P This is Our Place will give away exclusive office goodies in two phases to shoppers who record a designated amount of same-day spending using electronic payment methods. Hilarious yet practical, these office goodies are sure to put a playful twist on monotonous office life.

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Download photos: shorturl.at/jzOS0

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