20 Jun 2019

TKO Gateway Offers the First-in-Hong Kong “Scent and Taste Laboratory” Together with Local Designer Jacqueline Chak Tempt Your Taste Buds and Senses with Unique Olfactory Experiences

Link’s TKO Gateway is offering the first-in-Hong Kong “Scent and Taste Laboratory” together with Jacqueline Chak, a local designer, to tempt your taste buds and senses! From 22 June to 21 July, TKO Gateway will host the “Scent and Taste Laboratory” as it creates and exhibits food scents across five different themes: Hong Kong Delicacies, Fresh Fruits and Spices, International Cuisine, Signature Beverages and Sweetie Desserts. An Aroma Bazaar and two redemption programmes – for portable aroma diffusers and for Food Lane cash coupons – will also be held during the campaign period, providing customers with innovative and rewarding olfactory experiences!

The 5 Themes of the “Scent and Taste Laboratory” Demonstrate the Connection Between Taste and Smell
Smell can contribute to taste to make food more delicious, but can you identify different foods using their scents only? The “Scent and Taste Laboratory” will showcase up to 30 food scents to test people’s olfactory sensitivity. The HK Foodie Zone, designed by Jacqueline, winner of the “DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award”, presents signature local delicacies, including pineapple buns, mini egg puffs and curry fish balls, using the innovative forms of scented candles and aroma essence oils. The Fresh N Spices Zone at the entrance of TKO Market harmonises the delightful scents of fresh fruits with herbs and spices. The Global Flavour Zone at Food Lane is the ideal place for foodies to indulge their taste buds and olfactory palates in different international cuisines. The Beverage Taster Zone provides a wide range of refreshing drinks. The amazing aromas in the Sweet Delight Zone will trigger delicious memories of sweet treats and desserts! In addition to offering these olfactory experiences, the “Scent and Taste Laboratory” includes 2D cartoon-like decorations and furnishings, making it an Insta-worthy spot for customers to create a visual image to complement their smell and taste adventure!

Enjoy Multi-Sensory Dining and Exclusive Privileges
Want to gratify your taste buds as well? At the “Scent and Taste Laboratory”, you can collect e-stamps by scanning QR codes in Link’s “Park & Dine”mobile app.  Upon collecting 4 e-stamps, customers can redeem a HK$10 cash coupon for Food Lane, which features more than 20 popular eateries that cater to the tastes of foodies.  

Bring Your Favourite Aroma Home with a Portable Aroma Diffuser 
Customers with accumulated spending of HK$1,500 or above using electronic payment methods in a 7-day period during the campaign period can redeem a Portable Aroma Diffuser by presenting maximum of 5 original receipts issued by different shops. In addition, from 22 June to 23 June and 28 June to 1 July, the Aroma Bazaar will offer a diverse range of home fragrance products, allowing you to bring your favourite aroma home.

Terms and conditions apply to the above activities. Link reserves the right to change the programme without further notice. 

For event details, please visit Linkhk.com.

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