09 Jun 2021

Tai Wo Plaza Collaborates with a Local Illustrator to Present ‘Tai Wo: A Blissful Encounter’
Unique Campaign Features an Exhibition of Paintings Capturing Tai Po Life

  • Budding local illustrator Carmen Ng brightens up Tai Wo Plaza with watercolour scenes and crossover goodies themed on ‘Tai Wo: A Blissful Encounter’
  • Popular Instagram photography influencer Wilson Lee shares tips on how to take professional photos in unique spots of Tai Po Plaza using only a mobile phone
  • Comfort food puts a spring in your step after an Insta-worthy half-day trip

As a transfer hub connecting Tai Po residents and the rest of the city, Tai Wo Plaza can be a fast-paced environment. To help slow things down and help visitors appreciate the beautiful, sometimes overlooked moments in life, Tai Wo Plaza is launching ‘Tao Wo: A Blissful Encounter’, an exhibition and related campaign that marks the first collaboration with Carmen Ng, a budding local illustrator who has already exhibited in more than 30 venues.

Ng, known for her artistic renditions of local neighbourhood gems, presents a series of watercolour paintings of Tai Po life. Highlights include the ‘Bliss Gallery’, a 26-metre-long exhibition space displaying Tai Po’s attractions, and 9 selfie walls depicting blissful scenes scattered throughout Tai Wo Plaza. This celebration of life through colours and canvas features the little joys and warm encounters of everyday life, with paintings translated into words by trending Instagram writer Evelyn Kok.

To add a dose of even more Tai Po bliss, limited-edition ‘Blissful Encounter Stickers’ and ‘Carmen Blissful Water Bottles’ designed by the illustrator are available from 8 June to 12 July by redeeming receipts after spending a designated amount  at the mall and successfully registering for a Link membership.

Insta-worthy Tai Po tour guided by photography influencer, plus mobile phone photography tips

In addition, photography influencer Wilson Lee has been tapped to lead a tour featuring Tai Po’s most Instagrammable attractions, with foolproof tips for taking one-of-a-kind snaps using only a mobile phone! These photogenic spots include ‘Rainbow Avenue’, a bridge connecting Tai Wo MTR station and Tai Wo Plaza that dazzles with its deep sense of space – it creates the trompe-l’oeil of a colourful ‘Mirror of the Sky’ with just a little Photoshop touch-up. Another spot is the pathway into the West Wing of Tai Wo Plaza – the ‘Canopy Tunnel’ – which comprises black and white vaulted skylights that seem to transport you to a foreign train station. This exotic Insta-spot is best captured with a wide-angle lens to portray the floods of sunlight from the canopy. In addition, make sure to take a full-body photo on the staircase – your legs will instantly look longer – or be inspired at other surprising selfie spots, perfect for love birds and besties.

Healing half-day getaway in Tai Po followed by a meal to remember

With Tai Wo Plaza as the point of departure, Lam Tsuen River, the Hong Kong Railway Museum and Green Hub (a centre for sustainable living recommended by Wilson Lee) all make an Insta-worthy half-day trip. Round off the trip on a yummy note, with indulgent comfort food served in one of Tai Wo Plaza’s amazing F&B outlets, including Taiwanese eatery Chatpoint, Southeast Asian restaurant Fragrant Leaf Bay and dim sum destination Praise Dining Bristro.

Terms and conditions apply. Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.

Please visit Linkhk.com for details.

Photo Downloads: https://bit.ly/3crJjcL

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