28 Aug 2013

Stanley Plaza Hosts a Live Painting Competition for Children from all over the World

To encourage young people to create art as well as to promote the development of an art community, The Link has offered its support to the International Children Painting Competition 2012–2013, organised by the Promotion of Young Artists Foundation. This is the first ever international painting competition for children in Asia, and its aims to encourage children to explore their art potential and creativity through painting.

The event, which lasts from 20 September 2012 to 1 September 2013, has been divided into two phases, with the first phase having concluded in February 2013. The second phase, comprising a live painting competition for children over 12 from 25 August to 1 September 2013, will include 60 participants from 20 selected overseas schools and another 20 participants from Hong Kong.

Southern Landmark – Stanley Plaza brings rich painting inspirations to participants

In order to promote the diversified culture of Hong Kong, the live painting competition will use some of the city’s landmarks and attractions as painting themes. The Link’s Stanley Plaza, located in Southern District, was selected as the competition venue. Yesterday (27 August 2013), 40 participants from all over the world gathered at Stanley Plaza Amphitheatre to compete in the live painting competition with the nearby Murray House, Blake Pier and the Stanley Promenade as the painting subjects.

Stanley Plaza's innovative environmental design – two big ancient banyan trees form wood-like ‘blinds’,  perfectly blending modern design concepts and nature – provided significant creative inspiration. After a full day's competition, Jin Fei Fan from China won “The Best Painting Prize” and was presented with an award by KT Poon, Director (Government & Community Engagement) of The Link.

In addition to Stanley Plaza, The Link’s Leung King Plaza also served as an exhibition venue for the International Children Painting Competition in Hong Kong from 1 August to 21 August 2013. With a total of 50 winning pieces of art from the competition’s first phase on display, visitors to the plaza were able to enjoy the high quality and distinctive art pieces created by children from around the world.
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