19 Apr 2014

Roving Exhibition of Visionary Fresh Market Designs

With a view to exploring through the eyes of the younger generation the future of fresh markets, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) organised the “Market Innovations in Stall and Market Design Student Project” in partnership with the Hong Kong Design Institute (“HKDI”) last year, inviting third-year students of HKDI’s Higher Diploma in Interior Design Programme to take part.

The winning entries were handpicked by a panel of judges earlier this year, and are now part of a roving exhibition at The Link’s shopping centres that showcases the possibilities of next-generation fresh markets. In addition to the exhibition, The Link will adopt some of the winning designs in its fresh markets, bringing to life the amazing concepts envisaged by the students. Being the first Asian member of The World Union of Wholesale Markets, The Link takes the chance to celebrate International Market Day with this exhibition and a number of upcoming activities.

Sustaining local culture with a youthful perspective

With more than 90 fresh markets in its portfolio, The Link understands the important role fresh markets play in local lives and culture. The Link is therefore devoted to refining the shopping experience offered by its markets, particularly with regard to the needs of the younger generation, to help sustain the much-valued fresh market culture of Hong Kong.

The “Market Innovations in Stall and Market Design Student Project” lasted three months, with the entries also serving as the students’ academic graduation project. During the project, The Link facilitated site visits by the students to some of The Link’s newly renovated fresh markets to give them the chance to see first-hand the improved daily operations and upgraded interiors, layouts and designs that have resulted from The Link’s asset enhancement projects.

In January 2014, 10 winning designs were selected from more than 100 entries by the panel of judges, and they now form part of a roving exhibition that will last from April to June at The Link’s shopping centres. Members of the public will have the chance to learn more about the ideal fresh market designs envisaged by the interior design students, including viewing scale models of the three best entries. Each Saturday, Sunday and public holiday during the exhibition period between 3pm to 5pm, staff from The Link will be present to introduce the designs, answer questions and exchange views with visitors.

Fresh market asset enhancement projects will adopt some winning designs

In fact, the submissions were so outstanding that The Link decided to actually adopt some of them when renovating its fresh markets assets. Lam Wai Yin’s design for a tofu shop will be used in the asset enhancement project of Yau Oi Market, while Chan Wing Tat’s fruit stall design will be used in the asset enhancement project of Wo Che Market.

By bringing into existence the creative visions of these young students, The Link hopes to provide them with an extraordinary learning experience while also spurring the discovery of new ideas for the ongoing development of local fresh markets. The roving exhibition is free and open to the public; please refer to the table below for details.

Details of the roving exhibition:
17-22 April
Tin Shui Shopping Centre
23-30 April
Homantin Plaza
2-6 May
Leung King Plaza
7-13 May
Tin Shing Shopping Centre
14-19 May
Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre
20 May – 6 June
Lok Fu Plaza
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