08 Oct 2015

Park & Dine with ease using New Mobile App

Hong Kong shoppers can now enjoy the convenience of finding Link’s shopping centres and car parks across Hong Kong with the Park & Dine mobile app.  At the finger top, users find available parking spaces and do away the trouble of remembering where they parked their cars.

Link launches Park & Dine app today.  It covers all shops and restaurants in Link's 150 shopping centres, more than 80 fresh markets and car park spaces in its 170 car park buildings and showcases the greatest variety of shop and restaurant outlets among similar apps available in Hong Kong.

Park & Dine app displays useful parking and dining information, including real-time information on the number of available parking spaces, route navigation for car parks and parking positioning via Bluetooth technology. It also provides information on best shopping, dining and entertainment choices at your selected location. Dining recommendations at Link’s 200 shopping centres and fresh markets as well as the route to a specific restaurant from a current location are also available with this handy application.

Link Asset Management Limited Chief Executive Officer, George Hongchoy said, “Park & Dine brings greater convenience to shoppers and drivers. It shows real-time information on parking space availability at about 170 car parks across Hong Kong. The featured navigation function saves drivers the time and trouble of looking for free parking spaces. If the car park spaces are full upon your arrival, nearby options will pop up for your selection.”

Six destination shopping centres as the pilot to record parking location

Development of Park & Dine will unfold in three stages. The pre-launch trial version was initiated during the first stage of rollout. Six destination shopping centres have been selected to offer Google indoor map and “Find My Car” function, i.e. Lok Fu Plaza, Stanley Plaza, Temple Mall, Hau Tak Shopping Centre, Chung Fu Plaza and H.A.N.D.S. Over the next quarter, the app’s functions will be extended and further enhanced with added features.

Shoppers can also obtain e-coupons by using the app to scan QR code from different shop. This environmentally friendly measure not only helps promote green living, but also enhances our modern lifestyles by offering shoppers a convenient and unique retail experience. Park & Dine is yet another of Link’s innovative services to support local community development and link people to a brighter future.

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