19 Aug 2015

New Corporate Identity - Linking People to a Brighter Future

The year 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of The Link’s IPO, a major milestone in its quest to provide sustainable growth and create value to the community. In celebration of this milestone event, The Link announces its new corporate identity and brand. “The Link Real Estate Investment Trust” has been renamed “Link Real Estate Investment Trust” (“Link”) while “The Link Management Limited” has also been renamed “Link Asset Management Limited”. This new identity expresses and reconfirms Link’s vision to serve and improve the lives of those around us as the company expands its business activities and explores new opportunities.

In line with the new identity, a series of changes in our corporate names and logo are introduced. The Board of Link Asset Management Limited is pleased to announce the following changes with immediate effect:

(i) Corporate Names
Chinese Names:(領匯→領展;  Add “資產” to manager’s name)

English Names:(Remove “The”; Add “Asset” to manager’s name)
The Link Real Estate Investment Trust→Link Real Estate Investment Trust
          (The Link REIT→Link REIT)    
The Link Management Limited→Link Asset Management Limited

(ii) Corporate Logo

           (Old Logo)                                     (New Logo)

(iii) Website Address and Domain Name of Email Addresses
thelinkreit.com → Linkreit.com

George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of Link Asset Management Limited said, “Link’s success is founded on our commitment to being a world-class real estate manager and investor and our long-term partnership with stakeholders. The new name signifies the linkage between our expertise and achievements, with a focus on a promising future in Hong Kong and beyond. As we develop business under this new identity, we are committed as ever to creating better shopping experiences and environments for our customers and in finding more innovative ways to link people to a brighter future.”

Symbolising the ability to connect, bond and bring people together, Link’s new corporate identity highlights its strength and uniqueness in being a hub for the communities it serves. The logo features new and vibrant colours that reflect Link’s brand attributes – forward-looking, ambitious, energetic and caring.

To celebrate this new identity, Link has commissioned two TV commercials to be aired. Keira Wong, leading actress from the film, Little Big Master, is featured in one commercial produced and directed by the industry’s recognised director, Wing Chow. Keira helped deliver Link’s brand messages of “Linking People to a Brighter Future” in the commercial, by touring at Lok Fu Plaza, Link’s flagship property.

Several other promotional activities will be launched over the next few months to celebrate Link’s new identity and 10th anniversary. Link’s many tenants from the F&B industry will join in the festivities with scheduled food-related events staged at Link’s shopping centres and fresh markets. These include the Hong Kong-wide “Cheers Express”, “Link Good Food”, an award to celebrate local delicacies and “Park & Dine”, the innovative mobile application. Details will be announced closer to each event taking place.

With Link’s new identity and brand to inspire, Link continues to serve and improve the lives of those around us.


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