16 Aug 2019

“Mid-Autumn Harmoony” at Temple Mall Debuts Handmade COCORON Mooncakes

Temple Mall is a shopping destination located just a stone’s throw away from Wong Tai Sin Temple, one of Hong Kong’s most iconic cultural attractions for locals and tourists. In the run-up to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Temple Mall presents the “Mid-Autumn Harmoony” campaign in collaboration with Rocky Lai, a former chef of agnès b. DÉLICES, from 16 August to 19 September. Colourful campaign activities include the world debut of handmade COCORON mooncakes, a Bro’s Factory pop-up store and a handmade chocolate workshop, offering a sweet and fresh take on the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Moreover, a Mid-Autumn Festive Bazaar featuring popular mooncake brands, pastries and handmade crafts will be held on 23 August.

World’s First COCORON Mooncakes: Two New Mid-Autumn Gift Boxes Introduced
A Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is not complete without mooncakes! The world’s first handmade COCORON mooncakes combine sandwich cookies and chocolatey goodness and are available exclusively at Temple Mall. They come in two unique, delicate gift boxes: the Handmade COCORON Mooncake Gift Box and Deluxe Handmade Chocolate Mooncake Gift Box.
Four flavours are presented in the Handmade COCORON Mooncake Gift Box, including pili nut, salted egg yolk, durian and green tea. Growing in volcanic areas, pili nuts are pegged as a “super food” rich in health and beauty benefits. The salted egg yolk flavour, on the other hand, folds in crushed egg yolk to give the cookies a crunchy and airy texture. Kids and adults alike will love Green Tea COCORON mooncakes for their sweet yet subtle scent. Meanwhile, the durian flavour stands out with the extraordinary aftertaste of the famous Musang King fruit.

For the best gift idea this Mid-Autumn Festival, the Deluxe Handmade Chocolate Mooncake Gift Box presses all the right buttons! Inside the box are four chocolate mooncakes in two flavours. The Crispy Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Mooncake has a French-made chocolate topping and the unusual filling of molten chocolate and popping candies for a mouthful of surprising flavours, while the Deluxe Chocolate COCORON Mooncake combines soft cookie shells and a 61% French chocolate filling sprinkled with gold dust, making each bite a taste of heaven.

Also exclusively available at Temple Mall is the COCORON Mini Gift Box featuring two coffee flavoured COCORONs for a fresh new coffee fix.

Sweeten Up Mid-Autumn Festival with a Handmade Chocolate Workshop and Pop-up Store
During the campaign period, Bro’s Factory, chef Rocky Lai’s patisserie, will open a pop-up store in Temple Mall. The pop-up will serve a delectable menu of pastries, tea infusions and gift boxes, including Chocolate Lava Cake, a Lava Custard Mooncake Gift Box, a COCORON Gift Box (with 10 COCORONs in salted egg yolk flavour or durian flavour, and one LED candle), an Assorted Mooncake Gift Box (with 3 COCORONs in salted egg yolk flavour and 3 in pistachio flavour, and Chocolate Barks with pili nuts and hazelnuts [35g each]) and a Handmade COCORON Mooncake Gift Box, to be washed down with a cup of signature chocolate drink or Organic Tea from St. Dalfour France (available in the following flavours: Cinnamon Apple Tea, Strawberry Rose Tea, Mandarin Orange Tea and Golden Peach Tea).

Apart from this, master chocolatier Rocky and his team will be teaching handmade chocolate recipes in dedicated workshops. These recipes include “Four Brother” made of 61% dark chocolate with brown sugar-coated hazelnuts and latte art, “Nuts Bar” made of 61% dark chocolate with crunchy nuts, and “Candy Chocolate”, which offsets the sweetness of candies with dark chocolate.

1,000 Lanterns and Mid-Autumn Bazaar for Festive Shopping
Besides mooncakes, another element indispensable to any Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is the lantern. Temple Mall will host four themed installations in September showcasing 1,000 exotic lanterns from China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. The rabbit- and star fruit-shaped Chinese lanterns convey the joy of the season. Under a heart-shaped arch, floral sculptures in the shape of a rabbit is lit up by colourful Korean lanterns. There is also Chinese Jade Rabbit headlined by two openwork rabbit sculptures. Japanese lanterns in red and white with Sakura patterns embellish the bamboo garden, creating a tranquil zen-like ambience. And the installation featuring Vietnamese lanterns create a spectacular display of hand-painted lanterns in floral patterns. Come and enjoy these picture-perfect installations as you check out the hottest Mid-Autumn celebration at Temple Mall.

Want to go on a festive shopping spree? Don’t miss the “Mid-Autumn Harmoony” Bazaar starting on 23 August and featuring a great variety of popular mooncake brands such as Taipan, Wingwah, St. Honore, Chuilanheung and more at the Atrium on the first floor, alongside festive gourmet choices of dried seafood, instant abalone porridge and meat jerkies. The Bazaar on the second floor features pop-up stores selling a variety of goods, including handmade cookies, handmade soaps, leather goods and essential oils.

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit Linkhk.com.

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