12 Sep 2016

Lok Fu Plaza “Halloween Zombie Prison”

This Halloween, get ready to join the “Zombie Prison” at Link’s Lok Fu Plaza, Hong Kong’s only large-scale free haunted house! Since 2011, Link has set up free “haunted houses” for those seeking spooky thrills and horrors during Halloween time. At the “Zombie Prison”, the only way for the captives to escape and ease their plight is to find the hidden code.

3D Floating Zombies Out to Get You!
Zombie guards are quietly awaiting those who wish to enter the prison. After changing into  prison uniform and having your mugshot taken, you get to choose how you will be turned into a zombie! Be prepared to confront the creepy chain gang, which is the least scary of all ghostly encounters! Look for the ultimate scare with the attack of ghostly spirits and zombies, realistically rendered by 3-D hologram projections. As you look into the “Scary Zombie Mirror”, you will find to your horror that you are well on your way to becoming the walking dead!

If you are lucky enough to return to the world of the living, you can take a photograph with your Zombie self. Get a Fast Pass and you can get an instant photo printout - a fun memento of your escape from horror!

A Zombie Carnival to Light Up Halloween
This year, Link’s Lok Fu Plaza is partnering with Chimelong Ocean Kingdom to offer the Zombie Carnival, which the lucky escapees can join after their adventure in the prison and be amused by many spooky fun games.
The Zombie Prison is open to the public free of charge. Customers with an accumulated spending of HK$400 or above at designated Link’s shopping malls and markets can redeem a “Zombie Fast Pass Set”, which includes two Zombie Prison Fast Passes and two Zombie Carnival tickets.
Terms and conditions apply. The programme may be subject to change without prior notice.
For details, please visit Linkhk.com.






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