08 Nov 2019

Link’s Statement on a Student’s Falling at Sheung Tak Car Park

Link Asset Management Limited (Link) expressed great sadness and regret over the passing of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student Chow Tsz-lok this morning and offered its deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Link understands public concern over Chow’s falling at Sheung Tak Car Park.  It has therefore made an exception of releasing ten CCTV footages from six cameras this Wednesday (6 November), aiming to capture the most probable locations and timing of the police’s entry and the fall.

“By that time, we did not examine footages from all cameras and out of the duration we provided due to the large total volume of footages. Nevertheless, in response to further queries from the public and media on the development of the incident, we plan to release more CCTV footages as soon as possible,” a Link spokesperson said.

“Due to the enormous volume of footages, we have to make copies by batches; and for privacy consideration and legal compliance, Link has to blur out faces of some passers-by before the release. These steps take time and we will not tamper with the footages in any other means. We are in full swing preparing for the additional footages, which will be released by batches. For further updates, please keep an eye on Link’s twitter account (https://twitter.com/LINKREITHK )

“We will continue to cooperate with the police on its investigation and provide all assistance required,” the spokesperson added.

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