19 Jan 2015

Link's CNY Happy Bike Tour Promotes Environmental Protection

According to the latest survey by the World Green Organisation (WGO), there are currently around 144,200 “energy underprivileged households” in Hong Kong, which poses concerns in the community. The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) invited the WGO to combine environmental protection and helping energy-poor households via the Happy Bike Tour, an event held during Chinese New Year. The Link’s Cycling Volunteer Team will ride the bikes to transport energy-saving electrical appliances to Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai and donate them to local energy-poor households.

Energy-poor households are households whose energy bill accounts for over 10% of total household income. Dr William Yu , CEO of the WGO, said “Currently there are around 144,200 energy-poor households in Hong Kong. Among these, many live in poor conditions, especially those living in a windowless subdivided flat. To save money, they only have their air-conditioner on during periods of intolerably hot weather; some energy-poor households do not even turn on the lights in order to save expenses, and they usually use second- or third-hand electrical appliances, which raise the risk of domestic accidents and bring hazards to health.” The correct use of electrical appliance is another solution in addition to using energy-saving devices.  The volunteers will also the energy-poor households to provide them with home energy-saving advice.

Happy CNRide Miles Converted into Donations

Dr Calvin Lee Kwan, General Manager of  Sustainability of The Link, said, “Electricity is a daily necessity for everyone. However, high electricity tariffs have put a lot of financial pressure on grassroots families. To assist more local energy-poor households, this year, mileage accumulated by the numerous participants of the Happy CNRide will be, for the first time, converted into donations to support the WGO in purchasing energy-saving electrical appliances to donate to energy-poor households to alleviate their power bill burden.”

Energy Saving Tips (Information Provided by WGO)

Energy Saving Actions  Achievement
Clean air-conditioner filter once a month Save $200 of electricity cost every year
Use towel to dry hair to lessen hair dryer usage by 60% Save $200 of electricity cost every year
Use extension sockets with individual power switches; when not in use, switch off Save $20 of electricity cost every year
Use washing machine with a “Grade 1” energy label Save $40 of electricity cost every year
Electricity cost saved every year Total $460


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