10 Aug 2014

Link X Commercial Radio’s 30-Hour Environmental Marathon Event Concludes

The Link supports sustainable development by incorporating low carbon, energy efficient solutions into our daily operations, and has utilized its shopping centres to hold a range of activities promoting a green lifestyle. This year, The Link, Commercial Radio and World Green Organisation jointly held the 30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign, which attracted over 100 members of the public to form “low carbon teams”, to compete in a 30-hour Environmental Marathon Event running from yesterday through today (9-10 August), completing green missions using their creativity and determination while experiencing a low carbon life.
After completing a series of missions and spending a low carbon night on Fei Ngo Shan yesterday, the 30 low carbon teams continued their low carbon missions. After the 30-hour Environmental Marathon, the event concluded this afternoon with the announcement of the 4 winning teams.
Participants continue to experience a low carbon life on the second day
After spending a memorable night at Gilwell Campsite on Fei Ngo Shan yesterday, the low carbon teams split up to complete green missions in The Link’s shopping centres all over Hong Kong at 9am today. Today’s challenges were more difficult than yesterday’s, and require participants to run, kick and cycle, testing their will, fitness and green knowledge. Some of the low carbon teams will help create a greener community with C Allstar, one of the low carbon champions, by planting seedlings in Stanley Plaza. (Please refer to the attachment for mission details)
All ‘Low Carbon team’ returned to Lok Fu Plaza after completed their missions. The 30-Hour Low Carbon Closing Concert was held to show our appreciation for the efforts of the low carbon teams in promoting environmental protection. Participants were excited of being exposed to a lot of green knowledge, in particular, at the sharing night at Gilwell Campsite on Fei Ngo Shan, from where they learnt more about low carbon concept and how itcan apply in daily life.
Low Carbon Journey to Japan awarded to the 4 winning low carbon teams
The 4 winning low carbon teams were announced at the closing concert. They were invited to join a 6-day low carbon journey to Japan from 23 August to 28 August. The tour will bring them to famous environmentally friendly buildings in Osaka, such as cooking oil fuel facilities, a zero-emission train station, an Eco Town development zone, Osaka Gas Science Museum, recycling facilities and Eco House low carbon residential units. The journey is an opportunity for the winning teams to experience Japan’s green culture and innovative low carbon concepts. The winning low carbon member will become a low carbon blogger, and continue the mission of spreading the green message to the public in the coming year.
For the 30-hour green mission details, please refer to the attachment.
For more event information and photos, please visit the following websites:
The Link Customer Website: www.thelink.com.hk
“30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign” Official website: www.thelink.com.hk/lowcarbon30
“30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign” Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/lowcarbon30

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