28 Dec 2015

Link wins “2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity Award”

Link Asset Management Limited (“Link”) has recently received the “2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity Award” for its innovative market revitalization projects.

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Judging Panel remarked that Link’s revitalisation of traditional wet markets has integrated overseas experiences into a local model and created new value for all stakeholders, retaining community shoppers, attracting young visitors and encouraging the inheritance of family business. “It could become a benchmark for other fresh markets to follow,” the panel added.

Julie Ng, General Manager - Fresh Market Asset Management of Link, said, “Link strives to introduce new architectural designs, modern facilities and innovative customer-oriented services at its fresh markets to provide a pleasant and hygienic shopping environment. Being one of the key fresh market owners and operators in Hong Kong, we vow to continue enhancing people’s lives through integrating our retail facilities to provide the community with their daily necessities.”

Aiming to promote a culture of innovation and creativity amongst business sectors, the Award recognises outstanding achievements of companies that are able to demonstrate the unique features of their creative concepts, their emphasis towards innovation, as well as the commercial viability and impact of their new businesses.

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