15 Jun 2021

Link Unveils Its New Community e-Magazine, Channel 823

  • Hong Kong people have learned to treasure wellness and interpersonal interaction after more than a year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Channel 823 is anchored in the aim of “nourishing mind and body in Link's healthy spaces”
  • The e-magazine also provides various recommendations on leisure time and recreational activities

After more than a year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong people have learned to treasure wellness and interpersonal interaction, and they have gained a new appreciation for sustainable living. In view of this, Link Asset Management Limited (Link), the manager of Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link REIT, Hong Kong stock code: 823), today rolled out Channel 823, a new community e-magazine that aims to help readers nourish their bodies and minds in Link's healthy spaces by exploring various stories in the communities around Link’s properties.

Link’s malls are popular social hubs in the communities where they are located, and they play an important role in people’s daily lives. Link is launching Channel 823 with the hope that readers can draw positive lessons from the stories and participate in the various community-centred recreational activities spotlighted in the e-magazine, bringing them positive energy – and linking them to a brighter future.

With five thematic columns, the new Channel 823 delivers more frequent, diverse and interesting content around the core ideas of healthy BODY, MIND and SPACE:

  • The “Wellness” section introduces various projects and activities promoting social inclusion, sustainability and wellness
  • The “Must-Go” section explores beautiful spots, hiking trails and walking guides around Link properties, where people can find joy in their leisure time
  • The “Discover” column guides readers to special spots in Link’s malls and fresh markets, and keeps them up to date on the latest local trends
  • The “People” section points readers to someone in the community with special skills, ideas or experiences that will keep them inspired and entertained
  • The “Snapshot” section captures images or moments of different spectacular spots in the areas around Link’s properties, offering readers a fresh look at their surroundings

Link welcomes readers to subscribe to Channel 823 and share it with their friends and families.

To read Channel 823, click here

To subscribe to Channel 823, click here

About Link

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