28 Oct 2015

Link Together Initiatives receive multiple recognition

‘Link Together Initiatives’ (“The Initiatives”), a flagship charity and community engagement programme of Link Asset Management Limited (“Link”), has recently garnered two awards which recognise its community support efforts and achievements in both the local and international arenas. The Initiatives has secured 15 CSR awards to date.

The 2015 ICSC Foundation Asia Pacific Community Support Award
This is Link’s second time winning the Asia Pacific–region award organised by the ICSC Foundation. George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of Link, said, “This award serves to recognise our commitment and efforts in community engagement. Through The Initiatives, we hope to advance sustainable development in the communities served by Link and to manifest our vision of improving the lives of the people around us. We are delighted that the ICSC Foundation will contribute US$5,000 to support Music Children Foundation, which helps further our good cause.

The ICSC Foundation Community Support Award was created to encourage and recognise outstanding community support and corporate social responsibility campaigns by shopping centres or management companies. The winner will be automatically entered into the international competition for the Albert Sussman International Community Support Award.

Best Practice Awards 2015 in Corporate Social Enterprise
Link has also won the Best Practice Awards 2015 in Corporate Social Enterprise, organised by Best Practice Management. Celebrating the values of customer centricity, innovation and agility, the Awards recognise the sustainability and innovative ideas brought about by corporate social enterprise programmes.
Established in January 2013, The Initiatives supports eligible charitable organisations in launching relevant service projects that benefit the communities near Link’s properties.  Every year, Link contributes an amount up to 0.25% of its net property income from the previous financial year to The Initiatives. In the first two years of funding cycle, Link has donated close to HK$18 million to support 19 community projects serving over 125,000 beneficiaries in communities in need.

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