20 Oct 2013

Link Together Initiatives' Community Projects Commence

The Link REIT (“The Link”) established The Link Together Initiatives (“the Initiatives”) in January 2013, and the first year’s 10 awarded projects have now commenced (please refer to the attachment for project details). Unlike other charitable funds, the Initiatives has been designed such that The Link not only provides financial support to the awardees, but also engages the support of tenants and appoints staff to serve as Staff Sponsors to help with service delivery. This multifaceted engagement demonstrates the innovative nature of the Initiatives and showcases The Link’s commitment to working together with non-profit organisations to make the greatest contribution to the community.

The Link held a launch ceremony today at Lei Yue Mun Plaza, which featured booths introducing each awarded project. Staff Sponsors of The Link, representatives of the awarded non-profit organisations and members of The Link Together Initiatives Selection Committee all took part in the ceremony, which was officiated by George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of The Link Management Limited.

“We have invited 15 staff members from different departments to serve as Staff Sponsors for the 10 awarded projects,” said Mr Hongchoy at the ceremony. “They serve as a communication bridge between The Link and each of the awardees to provide assistance, including arranging venue sponsorship, collaborating with tenants and recruiting volunteers. With everyone’s combined efforts, more people in the local community can benefit, and The Link Together Initiatives can promote and motivate community development in Hong Kong.”

To inform members of the community about The Link Together Initiatives and the 10 awarded projects, an exhibition was held at Lei Yue Mun Plaza. The exhibition will be staged at shopping centres of The Link in five different districts in the coming five weeks (please refer to the attachment for details).

The Link Together Initiatives supports non-profit organisations to promote community projects through charitable donations, filling service gaps that currently exist and furthering The Link’s vision of serving and improving the lives of the people around us. In August 2013, the Initiatives announced the 10 awarded projects, which received HK$10.42 million donations in total.

The schedule for the new round of applications will be announced soon. For the latest information on The Link Together Initiatives, please visit: www.thelinkreit.com/linktogetherinitiatives .


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