12 May 2018

Link Promotes “Food Wise” Culture Through “Souper Kitchen”

“Souper Kitchen” debuts to promote “food wise” culture

The trend of making soup and other delicacies from surplus food ingredients is sweeping the world. Committed to linking people to a brighter future and promoting “food wise” culture, Link will open “Souper Kitchen” in May, where celebrity chef Jason Wang has been tapped to prepare four gourmet soups using surplus food collected from Link fresh markets and other fresh ingredients. The event is Link’s latest initiative in making use of surplus food while paying tribute to different types of mother with a bowl of comforting soup in celebration of Mother’s Day. Slated to open across three weekends between 12 May and 27 May at four Link malls and fresh market, “Souper Kitchen” will dish out delectable soups with sales proceeds going to Food Angel. Not only will it benefit the needy, the initiative also serves to build stronger family bonds around the local Chinese soup culture.  

Four thoughtful soup recipes served over three weekends to celebrate Mother’s Day

The inaugural “Souper Kitchen” event will be held at Lok Fu Place on 12 May, in time for sons and daughters to show gratitude to their mothers on the eve of Mother’s Day with a mouthful of warmth and taste. Counting celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay among his fans, the soup creations of Chef Jason were praised by Ramsay as ‘cooked to perfection’. For “Souper Kitchen”, Jason will present four soup recipes to pay tribute to different mother figures. The Bisque of Napa Cabbage & Bottle Gourd with Shiitake Mushroom Soup, created on the basis of Chef Jason’s famous clam soup, keeps “super moms” focused. The Fresh Spinach Tofu & Egg Drop Soup helps sooth “stressful moms” and clear excessive heat, while the baked Potage of Roasted Pumpkin & Carrot with Papaya Soup replenishes the skin of “pretty moms” with anti-oxidants and nourishment. The fourth soup is the vegetarian Tomato, Cucumber & Ginger Soup that helps boost the immune system of “calm moms”. All recipes are created by Chef Jason and each soup offers the right ingredients for the well-being of a particular type of mom as well as a hearty treat to share with the entire family.

Promote upcycling surplus food with support for Food Angel

Surplus food is a mounting issue in Hong Kong, with more than 3,300 tonnes of food heading to landfills daily. Since 2014, Link has taken the lead to promote upcycling of surplus food by encouraging tenants in its fresh markets to donate unsold food ingredients. Food Angel collects food ingredients from 30 Link fresh markets 5 days a week to prepare nutritious lunch boxes for distribution to people in need. This two-prong action not only upcycles surplus food for further use but also benefits the needy. Starting from 2016, Link Together Initiatives have committed around HK$ 3 million to support Food Angel's food rescue programme. Adhering to the same philosophy, “Souper Kitchen” serves to make the most of edible ingredients that will otherwise be discarded. Members of the public who have donated HK$10 or above in the event can get a “Souper Kitchen” coupon for a bowl of soup created by Chef Jason, with an opportunity to participate in the “Souper Kitchen” photo session. All proceeds will be donated to Food Angel to support its food programme for the needy. 

Celebrities turn out as hosts to support “Souper Kitchen”

Over the three weekends, “Souper Kitchen” will be touring Temple Mall, Lei Yue Mun Plaza and Butterfly Market to engage a wider audience. Showbiz celebrities will turn out as hosts and spend a meaningful weekend with families at the malls.

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