07 Nov 2018

Link Donates 85 Bicycles to Community Groups to Promote an Active Lifestyle

Students and community members will discover the joy of cycling and other new adventures thanks to Link’s donation of 85 bicycles. The bicycles were part of the bicycle sharing service “Link the Bike” which Link started in 2012 to promote a healthy, active lifestyle and a low-carbon community. Link invited former Hong Kong Team Biker Alan Ho as an ambassador to offer his professional advice, help co-ordinate the donation, and assist with promoting the programme.

The bicycles were donated to Aldrich Bay Government Primary School, Hong Chi Morninghill School, Tuen Mun, and UNO Cycling Club.  All three beneficiaries are excited with the donation and plan to make good use of the bicycles. 

Mr Shek, Principal of Hong Chi Morninghill School, Tuen Mun, said, “In line with the school’s mission to develop multiple intelligences, we are committed to offering different activities to develop students’ interest in sport and nurture their team-building skills." 

The Principal of Aldrich Bay Government Primary School, Mr Tsui, likewise explained his plans to organise city exploration activities on bicycles for students to discover the city’s wonders and culture. UNO Cycling Club, meanwhile, hopes to organise volunteer activities for the underprivileged such as the elderly and the visually impaired to help them also experience the joy of cycling.

Ms Aubrey Ho, Director (Corporate Affairs & Marketing) of Link Asset Management Ltd, remarked, “Link was one of the first companies to introduce bike-sharing in Hong Kong six years ago. Now, with the proliferation of bike sharing services, we would like to give these bicycles a second life and extend to the community the same healthy, active lifestyle promoted by ‘Link the Bike’.”

Aside from bike and bike tools lending service at selected Link shopping malls, Link also staged a series of cycling activities over the years to connect the community. These included developing cycling routes, arranging guided bike tours for participants to explore Hong Kong’s lush natural scenery, as well as organizing during the annual Chinese New Year Bike Parades around the city and a Bike Dragon Dance in conjunction with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to deliver New Year blessings to everyone.

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