25 Oct 2018

Link CEO George Hongchoy Named One of Harvard Business Review’s 100 Best-Performing CEOs

Link CEO George Hongchoy has been named one of the World’s 100 Best-Performing CEOs 2018 by the renowned Harvard Business Review (HBR). Mr Hongchoy, ranked 80th, is among a small number of CEOs from Asia, and the only one representing Asia’s real estate sector on the list.

Under Mr Hongchoy’s leadership, Link has built on its strengths in asset management and enhancement, and has captured new opportunities via acquisitions and development. Link's achievements in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are recognised internationally through its inclusion in major sustainability indexes.

HBR's ranking takes the long view and is based primarily on financial returns over each CEO’s entire tenure, as opposed to stock price and the current quarter’s numbers. To calculate the final rankings, HBR also factored in each company’s rating on ESG issues.

HBR's 2018 Ranking of the World's Best-Performing CEOs can be accessed at the following link: 

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