02 Oct 2019

Link Announces Personnel Change

Link Asset Management Limited (Link), the manager of Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link REIT, Hong Kong stock code: 823), announced today (Wednesday) that Chief Operating Officer Andy Cheung Lee-ming has resigned to devote more time to his personal and other priorities.  He has resigned as executive director from Link’s board effective today, 2 October 2019 and will continue his role as Chief Operating Officer until 20 December 2019 to facilitate a smooth transition.

"We thank Andy for his distinguished and dedicated service to Link over the past 10 years," Link Chief Executive Officer George Hongchoy said. "He played an instrumental role in steering and implementing several key initiatives that have shaped Link’s growth. We sincerely thank Andy for his leadership and friendship.”

Link is pursuing its medium-term strategic goal Vision 2025 with three focus areas: Portfolio Growth, Culture of Excellence and Visionary Creativity.  “Our management bandwidth remains strong as we continue our expansion in the region,” Mr Hongchoy said.

Link is reenergising itself as it pursues Vision 2025. As part of its plans to strengthen operations, Link is growing its talent pipeline and advancing its technology setup with the implementation of the Facilities Management Information Technology project, reviewing its Enterprise Resource Planning system and rationalising various existing digital platforms and applications.

“I am excited about Vision 2025, our people and all the initiatives we are pushing ahead,” Mr Hongchoy added.  “Upon completion, these transformative initiatives will certainly take Link to new heights.”

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