16 Sep 2022

Kai Tin Shopping Centre Presents “Kaka Choco Tour”

  • Discover two one-metre-tall “Kaka Chocolate Wonderland” chocolate sculptures by local chocolatiers
  • 30 booths at the “Choco Bazaar” to offer limited-edition chocolates and goodies
  • Create your own cocoa drink to replenish happiness


With the promotion of cultural and artistic exchanges, Kai Tin Shopping Centre has cemented its role as a chillax destination for young hipsters with a diverse stream of activities and happenings. From 16 September to 2 October, the shopping centre will partner with a stellar cast of creative forces to hold the chocolate-themed campaign “Kaka Choco Tour”, where it will take its customers around the world, allowing them to indulge in a dreamy chocolate-infused wonderland.

Begin the “Kaka Choco Tour” with your personal guide, Kai Tin’s mascot Kaka through the magic gate in the “Moody Vending Machine” to embark on a tour around the world along the 25-metre-long “Choco Avenue”. At the first stop in Asia, visit the magical “Choco Lab” and collect tokens of happiness to create your own “happy choco formula”. Learn more about chocolate through anecdotes and history in the photogenic European-style “Kai Tin Café”, where you can also personalise your own blend of cocoa drink. Don’t forget to take selfies with Kaka at the America-inspired outdoor plaza to complete your wonderful adventure.

Be dazzled by the two one-metre-tall chocolate sculptures of “Kaka Chocolate Wonderland” crafted by a team of apprentices and graduates led by the award-winning chocolatier Roger Fok. Marking the mall’s first collaboration with the International Culinary Institute, this unique sculpture exhibition aims to ignite a creative spark among young people using chocolate as an art form. What’s more, at the “Choco Bazaar” with its theme from a different country each week, there are 30 booths featuring divine chocolate delicacies, handicrafts and decorations, alongside limited-edition Kaka goodies. Cona's, the “dried fruit chocolate expert” from Taiwan and winner of numerous world accolades, including the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute, will pop up in the mall with its gourmet chocolates. At the “Colourful Popcorn”, “Chocolate Combo Cupcake” and “Madeleine” DIY workshops, you will be able to create simple yet unique chocolate treats. 

From 16 September onwards, customers are eligible to collect a limited-edition A Jai and Kaka “Choco Tour” airtight container (available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis) by spending a designated amount at the mall. Furthermore, Singer On Chan will turn out at the bazaar as store manager on 18 September to share his favourite hot chocolate recipes!

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit Linkhk.com.

Download photos: https://bit.ly/3eP6KAV


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