04 Dec 2017

First Generation University Student Scholarship benefits 140 students

The Link First Generation University Student Scholarship which aims to promote upward social mobility among young people, has donated close to $3 million this year to support 100 year-one university students, as well as 40 new scholarships for Link Scholars alumni to continue their second or third year studies.
Accompanied by their families and school principals, 120 students attended a presentation event held recently to receive the award. The students from seven universities in Hong Kong represent a diversity of disciplines and faculties ranging from law, psychology and business, to journalism, engineering and medical sciences.
Officiating at the scholarship presentation, Mr Nick Allen, Chairman of Link Asset Management Limited said, “This is the third year since the scholarship was initiated to assist local undergraduates who are the first among three generations in their families to attend university. The scholarship is all about empowering and enabling individuals through higher education to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams.  We are pleased to see so many talented and passionate students who may be disadvantaged due to their family background to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams for a better future.”
Representing as Partner and Advisor to the Link Scholarship Programme at the event, Chief Executive of The Hong Kong Council and Social Service Mr CHUA Hoi Wai commented, “The Link Scholarship has quickly established a good reputation amongst schools, with an ever increasing number of schools participating. The programme provides financial assistance to the students, and also offers many opportunities through the Link Scholars Alumni to gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.”
Recipients of the scholarship gain access to the Link Scholars Alumni which includes internship opportunities in Link and community service activities organized via the Link Together Initiatives.
About 300 candidates, selected from over 200 schools in 18 districts, have earlier attended an interview day in September conducted by local community leaders and Link representatives to compete for the 140 scholarships.
“The Link Scholarship makes a significant difference to grass-root families. It not only celebrates a family’s first member studying at University, but helps to ease their financial burden, thereby allowing the student to focus on her studies and realise her ambition,” remarked Ms Florence Man, school principal of HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 1 Secondary School which has fielded students to apply for the Link Scholarship in the last three years.
The Link First Generation University Student Scholarship is a part of the Link Together Initiatives, which was set up in 2013 as the flagship charity and community engagement programme of Link.
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