06 Jul 2018

Experience Hong Kong Culture in a Qipao Take Home Temple Mall’s "Tie the Blissful Knots"

Just a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong’s iconic tourist attraction, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, Temple Mall offers great shopping mixed with cultural heritage. From 9 July 2018 to 8 Jan 2019, customers can bring home blessings in the form of Temple Mall’s ‘Tie the Blissful Knots’.  Visitors to Wong Tai Sin Temple can pop over to the ‘old-meets-new’ sensation at the modern ‘Blessing Pavilion’ in Temple Mall North. An exquisite collection of the updated Chinese apparel - qipao and cheongsam - are on available on loan for all ages and genders. Customers can also bring home blessings from one of Hong Kong’s most worshiped deities with the redemption of one handmade blissful knot with leather embossed lettering at Temple Mall.

Travel Back in Time in Updated Qipao Look

The one-of-a-kind qipao experience at Temple Mall North is made possible by the collaboration with 20sHK, whose designer Pandora takes cue from qipao designs in the 50s and 60s to create a stunning collection appealing to the next generation. Two photographs and a four- hour Qipao loan service can be redeemed by spending HK$1000 in electronic means at the mall.  Customers in qipao/cheongsam can also make wishes on the ‘Blessing Arches’ fringed with giant blissful knots or experience the unique Hong Kong culture in Wong Tai Sin Temple. A professional photography tour service is also offered in the mall for customers who wish to capture their memorable moments in Qipao/Cheongsam.

Five Handmade Blissful Knots Up for Grabs with Personalised Lettering

Hong Kong-based knot artist Zoe Siu, who collaborated with international brands such as Swiss watchmaker Omega and Thomas Sabo of Germany, has designed a set of five handmade blissful knots representing different wishes namely, Fortune (yellow), Health (red), Peace (green), Career (purple) and Love (pink). Each knot comes with a personalised leather embossed lettering and are up for grabs for customers with a same-day total spending of HK$1,500 or above by electronic payment at Temple Mall.

Experience Hong Kong for Unique Perspective of Your Own Selfie Route

Fancy a ‘hipster’ way to remember your unique Hong Kong experience? Make the most of the four-hour free qipao/cheongsam experience from ‘Blessing Pavilion’ and take the picture-perfect selfie route! From the picturesque Wong Tai Sin Temple to the magic hour at dusk against the authentic backdrop of local parks and public housing, there are a whole lot of photogenic spots waiting to be explored. Customers can also take snapshots around Temple Mall and the ‘Blessing Arches’ anytime to record your unforgettable journey and share your happy moments with loved ones. To enjoy hassle free shopping and sightseeing without carrying all your bags and purchases, free storage service is also available at the self-service centre starting from end-July.

All the above-mentioned activities are subject to terms and conditions. The programme may be altered without notice.

For details of the campaign, please refer to Linkhk.com.


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