28 Aug 2015

Debut of Innovative Shopping Services @ Siu Sai Wan Market

In its commitment to continue to delight shoppers, Link’s senior management team has made multiple trips during the past few years visiting overseas fresh markets for insights and inspiration into Link’s own fresh market revitalisation projects. In bringing the international experience to Hong Kong, Link seeks to preserve the traditional fresh market culture while adding the innovation and creativity that attracts the younger generation of customers.  Link is leading the way in reviving an industry that has neglected the enjoyable shopping environment that traditional fresh markets offer.
George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of Link said, “We see the importance of revitalising fresh markets although collectively they seem to be small when compared to Link’s entire retail portfolio. We see these markets as social hubs where people meet and spend time together almost every day. They are places that foster local community cohesion.  By building and operating better fresh markets, we improve the lives of those around us and we link people to a brighter future.”
Link’s fresh markets are committed to delivering today’s shopping expectations for fresh ingredients and wider choice. By providing a better operating environment and a vibrant and unique retail experience, Link is creating the sustainable business proposition for  tenants and building a closer local community. Siu Sai Wan Market today completed its 3-month asset enhancement work and announced its soft opening. This brand new market, separated into a fresh market and a fish market, not only meets fresh food expectations but also introduces some firsts in shopping services.

Promoting Traditional Market Culture with Innovations
Jackie Ling, Chief Executive Officer of Uni-China Group Holdings Limited added, “Following the success of Tin Shui Market, Uni-China hopes to turn Siu Sai Wan Market into a landmark fresh market on Hong Kong Island that serves local residents as well as attracting tourists from around the world. We are excited to be applying many of the innovations learned from overseas to the market’s management and design.”

Building a Fresh Ingredients Hub Blending Modernity and Tradition
In the fresh market, a colourful decor designed to blend tradition with modernity innovatively presents an attractive and unique shopping atmosphere. Unlike traditional markets, vibrant colours and stylish stall designs provide tenants with a convenient and optimal operating environment.  In addition to traditional items such as meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits and other groceries, a wide variety of international food is available including premium fruits, imported vegetables and Japanese and Korean food specialties.   
‘i-Chicken’ and Around-the-Clock Fruit Vending Machine 
With restrictions on licenses for live poultry stalls, Link introduces the ‘i-Chicken’ service where customers can select their live poultry with the aid of technology. And, for busy customers who are not able to purchase fresh fruits during market operating hours, the 24-hour fresh fruit vending machine at the market saves the day. Residents can buy fresh fruits at any time and in any quantity.
The market’s fish market embodies Hong Kong’s iconic fishing village history where live seafood and aquatic products are available. Reliving this fishing village culture, the interior design resembles traditional fish barriers. Fresh local aquatic products alongside a wide selection of fresh and frozen seafood from around the world are on offer. These include popular South African seafood products, freshwater fish, giant grouper, dried seafood products and more.  A restaurant is available at the fish market that provides on the spot seafood-cooking services, bringing customers yet another unique Link shopping experience. 
Other services at Siu Sai Wan Market include:
(1) Octopus Associate Membership Card
Siu Sai Wan Market is the first fresh market in Hong Kong to combine the membership programme with Octopus Card. Customers can redeem membership points while paying with a simple and convenient swipe of the card.

(2)  Market DJ
A proven successful and popular way to help tenants promote their goods and provide residents with information about the latest discounts.

(3)  Price Monitoring Committee
Replicating the success of the internationally recognised Tin Shui Market, a price monitoring committee is available at Siu Sai Wan Market to ensure its market food prices are competitive. 
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