15 Sep 2017

"Crazy Offers" from "Park & Dine" App with Eight Eye-popping Discounts

Link’s Park & Dine App is taking its discount promotion to a new level by rolling out in September a new round of "Crazy Offers" covering 30 outlets from eight tenants at 21 Link shopping centres across Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. This latest round of promotion focuses on F&B, featuring heavy discounts as low as half price.
The September promotion follows the first round of Park & Dine App “Crazy Offers” in July offering four substantial discounts that was greeted with an overwhelming response from customers. The latest round, which runs from 18 September to 1 October, will include eight “Crazy Offers” in collaboration with Yoshinoya, Pacific Coffee, Itacho Sushi, Trusty Congee King, Teawood, Swiss Café, Jumpin Gym USA and Meow Fruit to help shoppers save even more.
Details of the “Crazy Offers” are as follow:
Tenant Offer Original Price *Daily Quota per Outlet Promotional Period
Yoshinoya Chicken Bowl Set (L) (with Japanese tea / soft drink / miso soup) at a discounted price of $25  $42.5 70 27 – 29 Sep
Trusty Congee King A free Trusty Congee Rice dumpling stuffed with Salted Meat on any dine-in consumption $26 50 18 Sep – 1 Oct
Teawood Brown Sugar Taro Balls and Grass Jelly (Strawberry / Mango / Banana) at a discounted price of $20 $42 50 20 Sep – 1 Oct
Itacho Sushi Urchin Hand Roll at a discounted price of $18 $38 50 20 – 24 Sep
Pacific Coffee $20 discount for any F&B purchase of $50 or more --

Lok Fu Place: 150

Temple Mall: 250

23 – 24 Sep, 30 Sep, 1 Oct
Swiss Café Instant Noodle with Swiss Chicken Wing Set (two whole wings) with coffee or tea at a discounted price of $18 $46 50 20 – 22 Sep, 27 – 29 Sep
Jumpin Gym USA Free membership subscription (original price: $30), buy 30 tokens ($60) and get 10 free ($20), as well as a free Jumpin Gym Magazine -- Unlimited 23 – 24 Sep, 30 Sep, 1 Oct

Meow Fruit

Four Golden Pears at a discounted price of $10 $30 50 20 Sep – 1 Oct
* Available at designated outlets on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. For details, please refer to Park & Dine App.
By staying true to its goal of providing customers with more convenience and shopping privileges, the app has received high acclaim since its launch last May, achieving more than 180,000 downloads in about one year. The e-coupon and e-queuing function, in particular, has gained popularity by helping customers save time, money and hassle. Since the launch of the e-coupon programme in March, Park & Dine has provided users with over 400 offers. The offers are also frequently refreshed with more tenants recruited to the programme covering F&B, household goods, fashion, beauty and health products, as well as supermarkets. Through the Park & Dine app, over 100 tenants are currently providing about 200 offers available in more than 80 Link shopping centres in Hong Kong.
In addition, the app’s e-queuing service has been extended to Itacho Sushi at Temple Mall and Choi Ming Shopping Center, LHGrand and Jiufen Shifen at T Town and Waki Shokudo at Lok Fu Place, taking the number of e-queuing-enabled eateries to 23 outlets from 11 restaurant brands to save customers queuing time.
For more information, please refer to Linkhk.com (Link’s customer website) or posters displayed at the shopping centres.
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