25 Nov 2014

Corporate Governance and Employee Engagement Receive Multiple Recognitions

The Link Real Estate Investment Trust (“The Link REIT”) garnered two awards at the Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards 2014 organised by Corporate Governance Asia. The Link REIT was named “Asia’s Corporate Governance Icon”, while George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of The Link Management Limited, was proclaimed a winner of the “Asian Corporate Director Recognition Award” for the second consecutive year. Corporate Governance Asia is the most authoritative journal on corporate governance in Asia.

George Hongchoy said, “These awards serve to recognise our outstanding performance in corporate governance standards, which we believe are the cornerstone of business success and sustainable growth. We will remain committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance to create greater value for our stakeholders.”

The Link REIT also won the employee engagement category at  the “Best Practice Awards 2014” organised by Best Practice Management, recognising The Link’s efforts and strategies in engaging staff and empowering them to go the extra mile in performing their duties. The Best Practice Awards recognise organisations from Hong Kong and across Asia-Pacific for their customer centricity, innovation and agility – values that exemplify the core pillars of best practices.

Albert Yeung, Director (Human Resources & Administration) of The Link Management Limited, said, “The Link believes investing in people is crucial for our long-term success, so we have engaged our staff through different channels to hear their opinions, support their professional development and encourage them to build a sense of belonging and commitment to the company. Winning the Best Practice Award recognises our employee engagement efforts. We will continue to offer our staff a fair, equitable and transparent work environment, reflecting our long-term commitment to being an employer of choice.”

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