25 Aug 2015

Container Food Truck Party held to Connect Local Communities

The ‘food truck culture’ that is sweeping across New York and South Korea is landing in Hong Kong! Link introduces its own ‘food truck culture’, the Cheers Express, to our city to celebrate community life with friends and families.

Cheers Express is a fun and vibrant mobile food party featuring four giant containers cum mobile kitchens, food trucks and tricycles that are coming in August and September to selected locations around Hong Kong.  The Cheers Express uses four themes of relationships – neighbours, grandparents and grandchildren, friends and couples to celebrate community life and encourage stronger personal bonds.  Residents and shoppers will be treated to street parties and a carnival atmosphere and everyone is welcome to join.

Four local artists create the city’s first-ever art installation of giant containers
To add to the festive atmosphere, popular local artists Cath Love, Jackman, Depp and Chan Gua have been invited to design Hong Kong’s first art installation using large containers. They will decorate the containers using the four themes of relationships. The containers will then be transformed into colourful kitchens where five celebrity chefs prepare special dishes to tempt your taste buds!

Celebrity chefs lead the festivities with tasty food
Activities feature five renowned local and international celebrity chefs in a cooking gala. Chinese food connoisseur, Master Wan Tat-kong and the genuine ‘God of Cookery’, Master Tai Lung are joined by trending celebrity chefs Maria Cordero and Kannis, the chef trio Nick, Kenji and Chi and bagel-loving beauty Rebecca to design scrumptious dishes based on the four relationships themes. Inspired by the famous beef balls featured in the film, The God of Cookery, Master Tai Lung creates one of the highlight dishes, ‘Care Faces’, which symbolises the abundance of bliss in a happy marriage. Other gourmet dishes include steamed prawn dumplings shaped as grandparent and grandchild bunnies, ‘Sakura Jelly’ and crispy deep-fried mashed potato balls with cheese. All 18 delicacies on offer will surely delight even the most jaded foodie!

‘Link’s Clapping with 100’ record attempt
Another highlight of Cheers Express is the ‘Link’s Clapping with 100’ record attempt. Eli Bishop, holder of the Guinness World Record for the most claps in a minute (1,020 times), will make his first visit to Hong Kong next month. He will be at Link’s Tin Shui Shopping Centre on 13 September, leading 50 grandparent-grandchild pairs in an attempt to set the record for a mass clap. Eli believes that the simple action of clapping promotes a positive attitude towards life.  He will also make flash appearances in selected Link shopping malls between 6 and 13 September to challenge customers in clapping battles. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Contribute to charity through Cheers Express
Cheers Express in open to the public. Participants who make a charity donation of HK$20 or more at the event will receive either a free serving of food by a celebrity chef or a free Cheers Snapshot. All proceeds will be donated to HOPE worldwide (Hong Kong) to provide continuous and efficient education and medical services to people in need.

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