28 Jan 2013

Computer donation to The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society to aid underprivileged

To promote environmental awareness and recycling as well as to enable the use of information technology by students in need in the community, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) donated around 70 recycled computers to The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon. The computers will be distributed to its schools and to students in need to enable the teaching of basic computer skills and to give students increased exposure to the internet in order to broaden their learning experience. 
The desktop computers donated by The Link are equipped with basic accessories, including hard disks, monitors, keyboards and mice. Prior to donating the computers, The Link thoroughly deleted all the information and data stored in the computers. The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon will install some basic software, including word processing programmes, before distributing the computers to schools and students for use in their homes. 
Mr KT Poon, Director (Corporate Communications) of The Link, said, “The Link’s vision is to improve the lives of the people around us, and we have continually supported different initiatives for those in need in the communities that we serve. For example, The Link Community Sports Academy, which just began a new season of enrolment, provides free sports training to children and youth in The Link’s recreational facilities. Another programme, The Link Together Initiatives, opens for applications soon, and will support community projects through charity donation.
“In view of the rapid development of information technology, students today are relying more and more on using computers and the internet to aid their learning process,” he continued. “By donating these recycled computers, The Link aims to help students in need by giving them the opportunity to be exposed to information technology and have access to the internet so that they can complement the knowledge they gather from books.”
Mr Damien Wu, Head of Information Technology, said, “The Link updates its computer hardware on an as needed basis according to our changing business needs. These recycled computers are still in good enough condition to fulfil the basic learning needs of secondary and primary students. We can promote environmental awareness and recycling as well as support the learning of information technology by students in need by donating these recycled computers.” 
Mr Antonio Kwong Cho Shing, Chairman of The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon, said as a sponsoring body, Lok Sin Tong welcomed the donation of computers by The Link to five of its primary schools and kindergartens. “Underprivileged students can now have additional opportunities to use computers at school and at home to establish a solid foundation for their academic development,” he said. “Moreover, the offering of these recycled computers to the needy ones is also a commendable way to promote environmental protection.” He also encouraged students to make use of these resources to strive for good academic results. 
Julia Li, a P6 student at Lok Sin Tong Lau Tak Primary School, said, “We usually need to use computers for many tasks, including searching the internet for information and using word processing software to complete homework, projects and personal profiles for applications to secondary schools. The donated computers can really enhance our learning process.” Alfred Luk, a P4 student in the same school, also thanked The Link for its donation, which has allowed students who cannot afford computers and internet access at home to use computers at school under the guidance of their teachers so they can maximise their learning efficiency.
The Link has donated over 400 recycled computers to different organisations over the past two years to support the learning needs of the elderly, the disabled and students in need.
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