31 May 2017

Celebrity Chef Christian Yang for a New Series of “Eat and Play” Workshops

To promote a healthy lifestyle and nutritious home cooking, Link’s Fresh Markets are once again rolling out the much-anticipated programme of “Eat and Play” workshops. This new edition of the popular workshop series features local celebrity chef Christian Yang, who has created 24 delicious recipes of international cuisine for all four quarters of the programme. Blending innovative culinary skills and local ingredients, Christian will introduce magical new twists on traditional tastes in a collection of simple and easy-to-follow recipes. In the first quarter, he will present six dishes in Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai styles. In the same period, the “Eat and Play” programme will also teach herbal ball massage skills to promote a healthier lifestyle.
First Quarter Highlights: South-east Asian Cuisine
Every other Thursday between 8 June and 17 August, Link Fresh Market Ambassadors at designated markets will host a live cooking demonstration of the six South-east Asian dishes designed by Christian Yang, including a free tasting at the end!

Masseurs will also demonstrate how to make six styles of herbal massage ball for different therapeutic effects. All ingredients can be obtained at Link’s fresh markets. In upcoming quarters, yet more workshops will be rolled out offering Korean, Western and Japanese recipes alongside exercise routines and therapeutic treatments for holistic wellbeing.

Link’s Fresh Market Ambassador Training Programme
Link’s Fresh Market ambassadors, who are also residents of the areas where they work, enthusiastically respond to visitors’ queries and take pleasure in sharing the latest trends in food produce as well as useful cooking tips. Since 2015, Link has designed a series of training programmes for its ambassadors, including master classes with star chefs, and workshops on communication, grooming and hospitality, in order to further enhance service levels.

For details, please visit Linkhk.com.
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