09 Apr 2014

Bringing Art into the Community with the 2014 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme

This spring and summer, many of The Link’s shopping centres will once again come alive with free public art performances and exhibitions as part of the “2014 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme – The Link Series”. For the second year in a row, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has invited The Link as a Community Partner to provide free venues where local artists can perform in the community.

“Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme performances at The Link’s shopping centres have always drawn crowds of people,” said K T Poon, Director (Government & Community Engagement) of The Link. “We are happy to see that these shows arouse public interest in the performing arts and provide lively audiences for the performers, contributing to the sustainable development of art in the community.”

Wide range of programmes rich in local cultural elements

From May to July, selected shopping centres of The Link throughout Hong Kong will host a number of touring performances by a range of artists, including the Connie Ng Guzheng Ensemble, Class 7A Drama Group, We Draman Group, Theatre Ronin and iStage. Many of these performances include local elements to give audiences a taste of Hong Kong’s cultural landscape, such as a local snack-themed musical performance and a performance that combines the sights and sounds of a traditional piu sik (“floating colours”) parade with electronic music. Each performance has its own unique characteristics, allowing tourists and Hong Kong residents alike to learn more about the city’s rich culture.

Introducing interesting and instructive touring exhibitions

During April and May, The Link will also host two touring exhibitions featuring traditional Chinese culture at three shopping centres in Kowloon and the New Territories. The Hua Xia Chinese Music Association’s Aura of Chinese Performing Art – Chinese Music Programme Series will present the origin, development, production and structure of several Chinese musical instruments using photos, mock-ups and model displays, while Whole Theatre’s Traditional Cultural Journey – A Happy Marriage will introduce audiences to traditional Chinese wedding customs and wedding jewellery.

Please refer to the attachment for the performance schedule of the “2014 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme – The Link Series”.


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