21 Feb 2014

BFA Facilities Upgrade for 8th Batch of Properties

In 2014–15, The Link REIT (“The Link”) will kick-start Barrier Free Access (“BFA”) improvement works at 42 properties, with works at 13 of these properties (see below table) scheduled to begin over the next six months.

New Territories
Hong Kong Island
Tin Yau Court Car Park
Tin Yuet Estate Car Park
Tin Chak Shopping Centre
Tin Tsz Shopping Centre
Fortune Shopping Centre
Shun Lee Commercial Centre
Tin Wang Court Retail & Car Park
Lok Wah Commercial Centre
Hiu Lai Shopping Centre
Po Pui Court Car Park
Sau Mau Ping (I) Estate Car Park
Lei Tung Commercial Centre
Yiu Tung Shopping Centre

Since the announcement of The Link’s BFA Improvement Plan in early 2011, upgrading works have begun at 88 properties.  Among these, 75 properties have substantially been furnished with BFA facilities following the Best Practicable Principle, standards of universal design, the Buildings Department’s Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008 and other associated requirements. Improvement works for all properties owned and managed by The Link are expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Appendix 1.pdf: List of Properties with Basic BFA Facilities Completed (as at 31 December 2013)
Appendix 2.pdf: List of Properties with BFA Facilities Improvement Works in Progress (as at 31 December 2013)

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