26 Mar 2018

700 Nathan Road Officially Named as –– T.O.P This is Our Place

New Mongkok Chillax Spot - “T.O.P This is Our Place” is on Its Way

The long anticipated 700 Nathan Road commercial rejuvenation project has come to completion and proudly announces its official name of “T.O.P This is Our Place”.

Scheduled for launch in June this year, T.O.P This is Our Place (T.O.P) is destined to be a youthful, vibrant and edgy new Mongkok landmark that epitomizes Mongkok’s unique energy and life, and embraces Hong Kong’s east + west and local + world pop culture.

“T.( ).P” within T.O.P This is Our Place’s logo stands for “This is Our Place”, whereas “( )” symbolizes infinite possibilities. This gives full expression to the brand’s concept, personality and pop image –– Inspire, Express and Share. T.O.P aspires to break through the conventional mode of shopping mall operation and create a sharing platform led by the new generation, enabling the energetic yet chillax-loving TOPis (fellows that enjoy chillaxing at T.O.P) to relax and interact in a carefree state of mind. Whether TOPis are physically or virtually online at the mall, they can experience T.O.P’s motto of “#gowithmyflow”.

Korean, Japanese and local hip iconic lifestyle brands will also come together at T.O.P. The Korean fashion powerhouse Aland has confirmed to open its largest flagship store in Hong Kong at T.O.P, which will boast nearly 10,000 square feet of floor space with more than 80 Korean fashion and accessories brands while complementing the local fashion and lifestyle scene.

Directing the brand development of T.O.P, Hilda Wong, Head of Link’s Customer Experience Management remarked, “We are very happy that T.O.P This is Our Place will open soon. T.O.P will offer a unique “chillax” way of living with multi-dimensional online interactions, allowing T.O.P’s tenants and customers to personalise a virtual space to explore different experiences and express themselves limitlessly.”

Sharing is Caring  ––  The T.O.P Spirit

Resonating with its youthful and trendy brand DNA, T.O.P will share its love and support for Hong Kong by title sponsoring the 6th annual “International Space-Out Competition” that will take place in Hong Kong on 31 March, 2018 (Saturday).

T.O.P wishes to remind the ever buzzing around and busy people of Hong Kong the importance of taking a moment to relax, and that spacing out is one of the best ways to truly release their tensions and stress. That is why T.O.P will feature a “Space-Out Garden” onsite to further promote the “chillax” attitude, making T.O.P a real “breathing space” within the hustle and bustle of city life.

After its official launch in June, T.O.P will roll out a series of novel and alternative trendy happenings for youngsters and hipsters, creating a place where they feel they can truly belong. One of the not-to-be-missed initiatives coming up soon will be another celebrity version of Space Out competition that will be held this summer. Watch T.O.P for more exciting news!

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About “T.O.P This is Our Place”

Link’s first prime commercial project located at 700 Nathan Road in Mongkok, comprises a shopping mall and an office building. T.O.P is the retail-entertainment shopping mall portion of the project, occupying eight levels with an underground floor connected to Exit B4 of Mongkok MTR station and its top floor featuring a Space-Out Garden. T.O.P is scheduled to open in June 2018. True to its “This is Our Place” brand tagline, the property is set to become the new scene for exciting urban entertainment in Mongkok by featuring many aspects of this iconic district in a new light and promoting the “chillax” way of living, providing young people with a new online platform for sharing their experiences.

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