Committed to being World Class


To be a world class real estate investor and manager serving and improving the lives of those around us


Building relationships with our stakeholders through

  • Providing value and quality services
  • Partnering with local communities
  • Delivering sustainable growth


Managing our business with

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
At Link REIT, we take pride in being a pioneer and a leading real estate investment trust, managing and developing exceptional properties that are integral components of vibrant communities.


Building on our strong foundation since 2005, we set out medium-term target Vision 2025 which compels us to drive a productive portfolio growth by capitalising on business opportunities in suitable markets and establishing a culture of excellence and creativity.



We operate with the belief that good businesses must generate economic value while positively addressing social needs and challenges. For Link this means developing an intimate understanding of our communities, continually fine-tuning our property portfolio, organising activities around our core strengths and building strong and lasting relationships.

By focusing on achieving our vision of being a world-class real estate investor and manager, we believe we can deliver value to the communities we serve and those around us.

Passion, innovation and collaboration are a few of the characteristics that drive our team to consistently think outside of the box and create value in the form of award winning properties, fresh markets and services.

Managing our business in this manner will ensure Link grows evenly on a solid foundation so that we can Link People to a Brighter Future.

Nicholas Charles ALLEN


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