We have three main sources of waste and will strive towards further waste reduction to minimise our environmental footprint and operational costs.

How we raise awareness for the waste management programme with our tenants, employees and service providers:


  • Conducting protocols briefing sessions for tenants;
  • Partnering with NGOs to collect edible food materials for the preparation of nutritious meal boxes to benefit the needy; and 
  • Strengthening service provider partnerships and resolve logistics challenges.

How we support Hong Kong’s target of reducing landfill food waste disposal by 40% in 2022:

In anticipation of the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme by the HKSAR Government, training was conducted for our property management employees, contractors, and tenants on organic waste source separation and data collection:


  • All training for teaching on organic waste source separation and data collection have been completed 
  • Equip 53 garbage collection points with weigh-in stations and analyse data collected
  • Carry out preliminary analysis on cost implications
  • Reduce total waste generated in Link’s premises
  • Monitor our waste production and recycle whenever possible
  • As at March 2021, we deliver organic waste generated from 21 of Link's fresh markets to O · PARK1. Starting from April 2021, we have added the Yu Chui and Sau Mau Ping fresh markets into the recycling network, raising the number of participating fresh markets to 23. 


  • To deliver over 1,000 tonnes of organic waste to O · PARK1
  • To collect over 100 tonnes of glass bottle for recycling


  • We delivered a total of 1,131.6 tonnes of organic waste from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 from 21 fresh markets to O · PARK1
  • We have collected over 82.7 tonnes of surplus food and food donation items from our properties in 2020/2021.
  • Joined the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) charter in Glass Container Recycling Program and collected over 111 tonnes of glass bottle from 17 shopping centres as of March 2021
  • Collected and recycled plastic bottles in EcoPark, Hong Kong's first recycling-business park
  • Collaborated with Watsons Water and installed 7 Green Point Smart Water Bottle Reverse Vending Machines in our properties. Around 207,000 plastic bottles were collected in 2020/2021
  • Supporting EPD and installed 18 Plastic Bottle Reverse Vending Machines in our properties. Over 193,000 plastic bottles were collected in 2020/2021
  • In 2020/2021, more than 14,000 units of fluorescent fixtures were replaced with LED lights. The disposal process complies with the Waste Disposal Ordinance (Chapter 354)


A “six steps” for waste management, has been developed, comprising our waste management programme, and is shared with all tenants.


Recycle bins (waste paper, metals and plastics) have been placed in our shopping centres, encouraging shoppers to recycle.

Construction / Renovation

We partner and implement incentive schemes with contractors to reduce and recycle construction waste materials at asset enhancement and property development sites. The management measures include a clear waste classification system, as well as  a multi-pronged approach that champions avoid & minimise, reuse, recover & recycle, and treatment & disposal of various kinds of waste. The disposal process of construction waste materials complies with the Waste Disposal Ordinance (Chapter 354). 

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