Link strives to be an overall positive contributor to environmental and social sustainability to those around us. We recognise that our performance is highly impacted by our suppliers and contractors' delivery. We aspire to establish a strong partnership with them.

  • Encourage procurement from local suppliers and contractors to minimise environmental footprint arose from transportation and increase local employment opportunities
  • We have robust vendor registration and tendering procedures in place to ensure the vendors fulfill our prerequisites in terms of company profile, technical and financial performance, as well as minimum statutory/ regulatory compliance including but not limited to bribery and human rights issues.
  • All our suppliers and contractors are required to comply with Supplier/Contractor's Code of Conduct which includes regulatory compliance with environmental and labor protection in where they operate, as well as anti-corruption, anti-discrimination and human rights protection.
  • Conduct vendor performance scoring assessment in terms of goods/service quality, timeliness and responsivenss. ESG violation check for our top 20 contractors is also conducted on an annual basis.
  • Comply with our signatory requirements under the United Nations Global Compact
  • Encourage our suppliers to utilise sustainable, low carbon and non-toxic materials in their value chains

  • Encourage our suppliers to implement a “Resource Recycling System”, to ensure their products can be recycled
  • Provide further opportunities for resource efficiency by reducing ‘end-of-life’ impacts associated with disposal and reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill
  • Actively engage with key suppliers and provide data and relevant information to enable innovation and development of products that meet our aspirations
  • Integrate sustainability into our procurement and supply chain decision-making

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