With the emergence of new technological advancements and tech-savvy millennials who are now our largest consumer base, Link has been evolving to meet the challenges of the new market landscape. As a corporate start-up initiative, Link’s Innovation Program works in partnership with companies of all sizes to bring non-traditional projects with the good potential to market. 

  • Strive to be a pioneer of thought leadership in our field
  • Investigate and invest in new technologies, materials, processes, business models while meeting our customer’s existing and future demands
  • Support local start-ups via partnerships
  • Expand online payment methods in Link’s properties

  • Our refurbished markets (i.e. Po Tat Market and Heng On Market Food Market) operated by Single-Letting Market (SLM) operator Uni-China, became the first few fresh markets in Hong Kong to introduce the AlipayHK mobile payment, Octopus card and “Octopus O! ePay” services, making payment for fresh groceries more convenient and contributing towards a cashless society
  • Launched the city’s first integrated payment platform offering both e-payment and mobile parking payment through its innovative first-to-market “Park & Dine” app that unleashed business opportunities for tenants and revolutionised shopping experiences for consumers
  • Collaborated with Allinfra on the use of blockchain technology for the tokenization of assets, commencing with a pilot solar project, to enhance the development of sustainable infrastructure
  • Developed and launched a pilot Facilities Management Information Technology (FMIT) programme to improve four aspects of property management: better budget control by reducing unplanned maintenance, inventory and asset management, tracking and reporting of work orders, and workflow improvement to standardise best practice

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