We strive to enhance Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for our employees and contractors, offer healthy and safe environments to our tenants and shoppers that promote and enhance wellbeing. We do this by adopting our Health, Safety and Environment Policy Plan, with the Health, Safety & Environment Management System Manual and procedures to follow ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Standard where possible.

In addition, we organize a series of health, safety and wellbeing training and host a variety of events at Link’s shopping centres to raise health and wellbeing awareness of our staff and the public.

  • Prioritise safety in all of Link’s daily operations and in the communities we serve
  • Implement a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Framework, focusing on healthier minds, bodies, places and cultures
  • Ensure good indoor air quality in our shopping centres and offices
  • Mandatory Basic Safety Training Course (Construction Work), “Green Card Training Course”, organised by Link has been recognised by the Commissioner for Labour as a Mandatory Basic Safety Training Course. It aims to provide the relevant basic safety and health training to our staffs who have to carry out construction work in our premises
  • Implement deep cleaning and sanitisation of facilities on our premises
  • Raising frontline staff’s anti-infection awareness and upgrading their gear
  • In view of work from home arrangment during the epidemic period in 2020/2021, we launched an online learning platform to enhance health awareness of our employees and update them on OHS information.  

  • Achieve zero fatalities, zero staff injury incident and zero prosecution related to OHS Regulations across all of Link’s daily operations
  • Establish workplace wellness
  • Obtain Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certifications each year, for eight shopping centres

  • In 2020/2021, eight Link’s shopping centres (Siu Sai Wan Plaza, Wo Che Plaza, Yat Tung Shopping Centre, Nam Cheong Place, Maritime Bay, Cheung Fat Plaza, Po Tat Shopping Centre and Homantin Plaza) have obtained IAQ Certificate (Good Class) certification.
  • Eight Link’s shopping centres (Hing Wah Plaza, Tin Chak Shopping Centre, Nam Cheong Place, Choi Yuen Plaza, Un Chau Shopping Centre, Homantin Plaza, Leung King Plaza, and Fu Tai Shopping Centre) were budgeted to obtain IAQ Certificate (Good Class) certification in 2021/2022.
  • In view of social distancing during COVID-19, we have organised four e-learning OHS workshops in 2020/2021. These workshops serve as an convenient platform to enhance employees’ OHS awareness.

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