While none of our operations sites are in or adjacent to protected areas, or areas of high ecological value outside protected area, we recognise the importance of urban greening and biodiversity.

Greening Link’s landscape improves the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. The greenery planted throughout our properties can help filter the surrounding air, and the roof garden provides additional public green space to the residents. To help create a microclimate for shoppers, Link has also adopted both horizontal and vertical greening in our properties. Wherever possible, we are committed to planting native plant species.

We are dedicated to creating green leisure hubs for our communities to further promote a wellness lifestyle. Our efforts range from introducing urban farm to give citizens first-hand experience of organic farming, as well as partnering with NGOs to transform outdoor space into biodiversity hot spots. 

  • Establish a Horticultural Maintenance and Improvement Contract through our in-house Tree and Slope Team, comprising over HK$7.1 million investment in 2020/2021 to improve maintenance and greening works

  • To maintain 70% of our horticulture investment sum in native flora
  • To manage and maintain over 30,000 native flora planted since 2018

  • Planted over 12,100 natives flora across Hong Kong portfolio in 2020/2021
  • Partnered with the Environmental Association to conserve local species of butterflies by transforming two of Link's outdoor areas into butterfly gardens

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