Single-use plastics (SUP) is a difficult challenge for our society because it entwines with every aspect of the way we live. We recognise that no single organisation can solve the problem alone so we have actively engaged our stakeholders to identify common challenges, and explore key issues that needed to be addressed. This demonstrates our Business as Mutual thinking, resulting in more efficient collection of plastic wastes, and contributes to expand the city's recycling network.

Cassava Bags Pilot Programme

Partnering with The Kommon Goods in March 2020, the pilot is our initial step in collaborating with like-minded partners to tackle SUP issues and to test the effectiveness of cassava bags for retail purposes.

Reverse Vending Machine

By clustering the installation of RVMs within specific districts, we have made it easier and more economical for vendors to collect plastics, and reduce emissions by streamlining collection routes.


Collaborating Partners

Link's journey to “Less Plastic” relies on our collaboration with stakeholders who share the same vision as us. We engage with each other to advocate SUP reduction as a collective effort.

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