It is paramount to keep our employees safe, engaged and motivated at all times. Linker’s Panel, our employee committee, gathers employees’ feedback and brainstorm regularly to look for ways to better support and engage our employees. The Panel covers a broad range of topics such as wellness, serving the communities, townhall meetings and new sports clubs.

Employee Engagement

Who Are Our Stakeholders

Why Is It Important to Engage

Their Key Interests

Ways We Engage

Over 1,000 direct employees

Our people are what enable Link to deliver on our promise.

  • Job satisfaction
  • Learning and Development Opportunities
  • Wellness
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • Supportive and rewarding workplace
  • Fun
  • Linker’s Panel, an employee committee
  • Linker’s Corner via Intranet
  • Townhall Meeting
  • Parties and events
  • Wellness Resource Centre
  • Volunteer Committee
  • Learning and Development Committee
  • Employee Assistance Programme
Leadership Development and Learning

At Link, we advocate embracing a growth mindset with commitment to lifelong learning through providing our employees with opportunities and resources for just-in-time learning and career development.

Our E-Onboarding supports new employees with understanding on the critical role they play contributing in Link and ensure ease in transition into the organization.  E-orientation modules are offered with virtual reality components and interactive dialogue with senior leaders enriched engagement providing a thorough insight of Link’s strategic focus and business directives. 

Skilled and professional employees are essential to ensure having the capability in responding with agility and maintain competitive in the changing business environment.  To realise full potential and career advancement, competency-based curriculum programmes are offered through both digital learning and live interactive workshops.  Customized learning modules such as portfolio management, business specific knowledge strengthens business orientation and industry acumen to drive Link’s success.

To enable us to develop the next generation of senior leaders, bespoke development covers leadership assessment, personality profiling, executive coaching and leadership transformational programs. Management retreat is held annually for senior leaders and management to collectively review, strategize and acquire new insights for continuous learning and development.

Education Sponsorship

In support of a lifelong learning culture, Link offers education sponsorship to encourage employees to exercise self-directed learning in acquiring and developing job-related knowledge, skills and academic qualifications for career development.

Promoting Development and Evaluating Performance

Technological advancement is shaping how individual learn and the multitude of learning approaches created unique learning demands. To support talent development and ignite the power of knowledge in Link, we have created just in time e-learning modules to complement classroom sessions and blended learning for our permanent employee, our contractors and service providers. 

In support of a high-performance culture; e-learning, webinar and briefing sessions are provided to enable 100% of our employees in Hong Kong and China equipped with the knowledge to review performances, recognize accomplishments, set new goals and discuss professional and personal development opportunities.

The summary of training hours can be found in Our Approach and Performance.

Competency Framework

The Link Competency Framework is integrated across our talent management framework from sourcing and acquisition, learning and development, to performance management and succession planning.

Creating a Rewarding Experience for Our Employees

We regularly review our workforce composition, overall compensation components and other benefits to ensure that our offer is competitive and motivating to our high performing employees. The Board oversees the governance and implementation of sound remuneration principles and ensures they align with our corporate business strategy. Click here for more information.

Engaging and Retaining Our Employees

We value open communication and encourage our employees to exchange ideas and information through various channels, such as the intranet, Linker’s Panel (our employee committee), interactive communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Yammar. We also measure employee engagement level through surveys on a regular basis.

Throughout the year, we offer a range of activities to our employees, such as annual dinner, Christmas party, Townhall meeting, volunteer events, seminars and workshops on Wellness. These activities serve as an essential platform to connect and engage our employees with one another on official and social occasions, further enhancing our employee engagement level.

Employee Unit Purchase Plan

The Employee Unit Purchase Plan (“EUPP”) was launched in 2012, enabling participating employees to become Link’s unitholders.

Family-friendly Leave Policy

As a responsible employer, we encourage work-life balance. In addition of annual leave, we provide the following leave benefits:  birthday leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, compassionate leave, family care leave, examination/study leave, volunteering leave, etc.

Caring Room

We provide caring rooms to support the needs of working mothers, reflecting our core value of serving people.

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