Our properties are an extension of the living rooms of the people living in the communities around us. We seek to create greater value by delivering a lasting and positive impact in the communities we serve.

By creating places that offer compelling and enjoyable shopping experiences, we help communities and neighbourhoods to flourish. In the process, we engage with local groups/representatives to address their hopes and concerns ensuring minimal disruption during project works. Over the years, we have gone beyond asset enhancement to developing communities through the active initiation and support of sustainable outreach programmes through our Link Together Initiatives.

Community Engagement

Who Are Our Stakeholders

Why Is It Important to Engage

Their Key Interests

Ways We Engage

People that live in the communities we serve

Our properties are extensions of the living rooms of those who live around us.

  • Clean shopping environment
  • Customer service
  • Convenience
  • Variety
  • Websites (corporate, customer and shopping centre)
  • Marketing programmes
  • Customer service ambassadors
  • Surveys and focus group meetings
  • Corporate hotline and information channels such as social media
  • Link Together Initiatives
Enhancing Value in a Dynamic Business Environment - Asset Enhancement

We carry out asset enhancement initiatives with four objectives:

  1. Enhancing shopping centre performance
  2. Capitalising on changing district potential
  3. Creating and delivering a consistent brand image
  4. Improving the utilisation of internal floor area


The revitalised assets provide a better environment for tenants and shoppers and generate strong returns. We have extended the asset enhancement initiatives to fresh markets to provide a clean and pleasant shopping experience for communities nearby.

We lay the groundwork for asset enhancement initiatives through:

  • Preparation of a project strategy based on business goals and objectives
  • Assessment of marketability to support the proposed business plan
  • Development of design options, asset value creation in the context of competition, planning framework and financial viability
  • Layout optimisation, improvement of efficiencies in the context of best practice and current legislation, rationalisation of circulation, review of sustainability/energy strategy and enhancing revenue generation
  • Programme and phasing options and proposals
  • Risk assessment and mitigating strategies
  • Consider and enhance access via public transport during the asset enhancement, design and development stages of all our properties. 

In 2020/2021, we have completed 3 asset enhancement projects of various sizes. Click here for more details.


Creating Value for Community through Link Together Initiatives

Established in 2013, Link Together Initiatives aspires to advance the sustainable development of local communities by offering charitable donation and sponsorship to selected non-profit projects. Since 2013/2014, we have earmarked approximately HK$ 89 million for the community and charitable projects. The programme focuses on two core areas:

  1. Project Fund
  2. Link University Scholarship

Barrier-Free Access

Since the announcement of Link’s BFA Improvement Plan in 2011, a total work cost of approximately HK$229 million (excluding AEI projects) has been invested. All properties have now been fitted with basic BFA facilities (including the divested properties over the years). We have improved our properties with BFA, with the necessary physical enhancement and complies with the Best Practice Principles, standards of Universal Design within the Buildings Department’s Design Manuel: Barrier-Free Access 2008, as well as other associated requirements. The enhancement work includes installing tactile guide paths and warning strips, low platform service counters, accessible toilets, Braille layout maps, visual fire alarms, accessible parking bays, ramps and accessible lifts with audio/visual functions. Minor works are carried out (based on requests) when necessary. 

Our corporate website follows the internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Internet Professional Association as recognition of our effort in ensuring a barrier-free web design and web care features. We also launched an e-learning session to educate and promote the concept of BFA to our staff.

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