Link’s sustainability puts people and communities at the heart of our vision to create the preferred places. We understand that our environmental, social and governance goals and targets extend beyond our direct business operations to our stakeholders. As part of our responsibilities as a leading real estate investor and manager, we regularly and actively engage with our stakeholders. 

We utilise a range of mechanisms to establish clear and open communication. Doing so has allowed us to better understand each other’s concerns and expectations on a wide variety of issues including corporate priorities, performance and how we will manage emerging trends. We believe that these interactions are valuable and provide an opportunity to identify and pursue common goals together.


In line with our sustainability strategy, we regularly conduct materiality assessments to improve the quality of information provided to stakeholders and to ensure our material issues are up to date.


It is paramount to keep our employees safe, engaged and motivated at all times. Linker’s Panel, our employee committee, gathers employees’ feedback and brainstorm regularly to look for ways to better support and engage our employees. The Panel covers a broad range of topics such as wellness, serving the communities, townhall meetings and new sports clubs.



Investors are important to our business as providers of capital to support growth. We engage Unitholders and fixed-income investors and keep them updated on Link's financial performance and overall sustainability.


Our properties are an extension of the living rooms of the people living in the communities around us. We seek to create greater value by delivering a lasting and positive impact in the communities we serve.



Tenants are our partners in delivering a desirable shopping experience for shoppers. Through Link’s Tenant Academy, we continue to create environments that inspire success and value for tenants.

Business Partners

Communication and collaboration with stakeholders across our value chain are essential to delivering on our strategic priorities. We are committed to open dialogues that inform us what we are doing well and how to improve in other areas. 

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