HK Green Shop Alliance

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) launched its Green Shop Alliance (GSA), an initiative to promote Green Shopping practices in Hong Kong.  Link is a supporter of environmental initiatives and believes that the GSA programme can help us identify how to improve our business in socially and environmentally responsible manners. With collaboration, we can “Link People to a Brighter Future”. The GSA has identified six areas shops can focus to improve their businesses:

1) Better use of Energy

2) Better use of Water

3) Municipal Solid Waste Reduction

4) Reuse and Recycling of Materials

5) Social Green Behaviour

6) Green Procurement

To date, 53 of our tenants across our destination malls (TKO Gateway, Lok Fu Place, Stanley Plaza, T Town and Temple Mall), have participated in this programme. Shops are free to set targets and implement any of the listed green measures that meet their operational requirements. The HKGBC will issue certificates stating the committed green measures to the Alliance members (our tenants) to recognise their effort in going green. The Alliance and the Pledge can be renewed at any time or expired in time with the leasing agreement. 

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