‘Food Angel-Love and Food Sharing’- Link Fresh Market Surplus Food Donation Project

In 2017/2018, we earmarked approximately HK$9 million to support organisations serving communities under the Link Together Initiatives. We continue to use the Total Impact Assessment (TIA), to calculate the impact of Food Angel’s “Love and Food Sharing” project. The project collects surplus food from Link’s fresh markets and shopping centres and prepares nutritious cooked meals for the needy. By collecting data throughout the whole project year, we can quantify its socio-environmental benefits and the value created to the community.

During 2017/2018, around 65.1 tonnes of surplus food was donated from Link’s market tenants, where 325,271 meal boxes were produced. 3.9 tonnes of packaged food were collected from donation boxes at Link’s shopping centres. With the additional values from raising public awareness on environmental protection through recycling seminars and promotional events, the programme has benefited over 336,000 beneficiaries.  As a result, for every HK$1.00 we invested in this project, we generated HK$2.10* of socio-environmental benefits to the community.

Through quantifying the project values consecutively, we can create and maximise the benefits to the community. This further allows us to improve and develop a platform to share common indicators and financial proxies with our working partners.  

(*): Source from Shenzhen and California Carbon Market Price.

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