About Our Reports

Our reporting focuses on highlighting both the difference we make and the responsible, transparent way we work. This ensures we deliver on our brand promise that “We Link People to a Brighter Future”.

    Our sustainability reporting is done primarily through this website and is designed to complement our Integrated Annual Report. Information will be updated regularly and will highlight our major sustainability initiatives and achievements from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. This report covers 127 properties owned by Link across Hong Kong and five properties across Mainland China (Note1)

    For previous sustainability reports and data sets, please refer to the respective links.

    Our reporting adheres to the following global best practices:  

    Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards) - Core Option

    Link has been using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)'s reporting standards since we published our first sustainability report in 2011. Our 2020/2021 review was prepared in accordance with the latest GRI Standards. These Standards lend more weight to material issues - those that are likely to impact the organisation and its stakeholders.

    Our reports follow the core option of the GRI Standards. We work with GRI to promote full and transparent reporting as a way for all organisations to support sustainable development. 

    Our GRI Standards tables show how we meet the guidelines.

    Standard Disclosures

    The International Integrated Reporting Framework

    Link’s Annual Integrated Report combines our financial and corporate sustainability reporting. We highlight the interactions among the financial, environmental, social and governance factors, underlining their influence on our long-term sustainable development. Reporting this way allows us to present a comprehensive, but concise overview of how we create value for different stakeholders.

    Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (ESG Reporting Guide) of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

    Our Annual Integrated Report and Sustainability website also comply with The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited's ("SEHK") recommended best practices for Environmental, Social, Governance reporting.

    SEHK ESG Reporting Guide Index


    ESG data in Link’s 2020/2021 Annual Integrated Report and Sustainability Website are externally assured to validate the accuracy and reliability of its content. We have engaged The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) to provide independent assurance of our reports. The assurance, including the scope of work and conclusions, can be found in the Assurance Statement.

    Assurance Statement

    1. The reported ESG key performance indicators cover properties with our operational control, and have been owned as well as operated by us for at least 1.5 years.
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