Redistributing Resources to Those in Need

Surplus food equivalent to the weight of 17 giant pandas is being saved every day.

With Link’s partnership, Food Angel produces hot meals and food packs using surplus food collected from our fresh markets targeted to benefit 1.9m disadvantaged people each year.

We link people to a brighter future by redistributing resources to those in need. 

Link’s contributions help to provide 4.5m disadvantaged people with access to nutritious meals since we began working with Food Angel in 2016. The partnership aims to provide 600 tonnes of food to benefit 1.9m disadvantaged people by providing the ingredients to produce hot meals and food packs every year. 

Apart from collecting surplus food for charity, Link also delivers 2.68 tonnes of organic waste each day - a total of 978.71 tonnes from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 - from 21 of our fresh markets to O · PARK1- the first organic resources recovery centre, located at Siu Ho Wan, North Lantau. 

Our efforts help to reduce the burden on Hong Kong’s landfills by converting food waste into biogas (a source of renewable energy similar to natural gas) for electricity generation whilst the residue from the process produces compost for landscaping and agricultural use.  

Click here to find out more about Link’s waste management initiatives. 

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Link looks back on how we’ve worked with and grown with the community.

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