Link's New Corporate Video Unveiled

As part of our 15th anniversary, we’ve created a short film to showcase our approach of making meaningful connections with communities and businesses together for a brighter tomorrow.

The film follows our protagonist, an artist as he conceptually develops a multi-layered work of art using string.  Searching for his muse, the artist walks through an ordinary neighbourhood where he meets people from all walks of life. He brings these people together to create an elaborate work of art by connecting strands of string.

You might recognise several of Link’s properties as the artist wanders through several of our properties throughout the film.  Three of the film’s actors are senior members of Arts’ Options – an NGO sponsored by our Link Together Initiatives which aims to unleash the potential of elderly people by empowering senior citizens through professional theatre training.

The string is symbolic of our commitment and symbiotic nature of our relationships with business, investment and community partners.  We work with our stakeholders to create shared value and positive impact for the community,  connecting people everywhere to a brighter future.

Enjoy the film!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Link looks back on how we’ve worked with and grown with the community.

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