Fuelling Innovation

Since 2011, Link has pioneered e-payment systems in fresh markets across its portfolio.

E-payments allow for cleaner transactions and has helped to prevent the transmission of viruses via coins and bank notes. 

We link people to a brighter future by fuelling innovation.

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc to businesses, sparking continuing concern over hygiene and sanitisation processes, Link continues to look at ways for its business to safeguard the health and safety of shoppers through technology.

Recognising the need to bring fresh markets to the digital age, Link introduced the first e-payment system across its extensive portfolio of fresh markets almost a decade ago in 2011. Electronic payments allow for cleaner transactions and has since paved the way for the adoption of a variety of electronic and mobile payment options including Octopus, AlipayHK and Wechat Pay.

During the pandemic, Link has also stepped up sanitisation of its malls by equipping some shopping centres and markets with AI screeners, programmed to issue an alert upon detecting visitors without masks and signal the presence of shoppers showing unhealthy temperatures.

Link continues to adapt with the rapidly changing pace of retail in this digital age, while recognising the timeless desire for people to interact and connect with their community. Link’s pandemic response is part of the ‘Business as Mutual’ business model identified earlier in the year as a response to the pandemic. We believe collaboration is essential during these challenging times and will ultimately improve the overall resilience and long-term sustainability of all businesses – this approach is what we call Business as Mutual.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Link looks back on how we’ve worked with and grown with the community.

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